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Pit Stops: The General Services Administration

An occasional series on restrooms of interest. Taking suggestions:
My column this week involves the General Services Administration, which involved a visit to the agency's handsome headquarters at 1800 F Street NW. The building, constructed in 1917, has a dignified patina on its wide first-floor hallways and grand staircases. And it's going through a major [...]

Pit Stops: Bibleway Temple

An occasional series on restrooms of interest. Got one to nominate? Taking suggestions:
Hands down, churches have the best bathrooms–spotless, welcoming, and usually adorned with fake flowers and wildlife. The two-room affair at Bibleway Temple on New York and New Jersey Avenues NW is an excellent example of the breed, with plastic vines hanging from [...]

Pit Stops: National Harbor

Third in an occasional series on restrooms of interest. If you've got a favorite, let me know:
There is nothing remarkable about this bathroom except its location: A few blocks off the waterfront at National Harbor, it's a public facility for the use of all who wander the streets. Which is not a very large [...]

Pit Stops: National Press Club

Welcome to installment #2 in an occasional series of interesting restroom facilities. Suggestions welcome:
Despite the cozy, dark-wood-and-polished-bronze grandeur of the bar upstairs, most of the National Press Club is workmanlike, slightly frayed and grimy around the edges, largely unchanged from the era when journalists still knocked off after work for a whiskey and soda [...]

Pit Stops: Evans High School

As a real estate reporter, I end up in a lot of buildings. As a girl with a small bladder, I usually use their bathrooms. Many of them are noteworthy, for various reasons–I've often found that bathrooms have lovely, soft filtered light, for example–and some of them even tell stories. And so, I'd like to [...]