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The Main Arguments Against Changing the Height Act, and Why They’re Wrong

Opponents of the city's proposed changes to Congress' 103-year-old Height of Buildings Act came out in full force to a D.C. Council hearing yesterday to lay out their arguments for preserving the law that caps the verticality of D.C.'s skyline. Their points were manifold, and often intelligently thought out and presented. But there were a [...]

Height Act Changes Get Slammed at Council Hearing

D.C. Planning Director Harriet Tregoning paid a five-hour visit to the D.C. Council today to lay out the rationale for the major changes to the Height Act her office has suggested—and to bear witness to overwhelming opposition to her proposal from the members of the public who testified at the hearing.
Tregoning pointed to the city's current and [...]

Zoning Update Enters the Home Stretch, Over Opposition

The first rewrite of the city's zoning code in 55 years is headed to the Zoning Commission for consideration after years of intense debate, despite pleas from longtime critics of the update to slow things down.
Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning told D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson this afternoon at an ongoing hearing that her [...]

Walmart Bill Vote Bumped to Next Week; Cue the Lobbyists

Un-mark your calendars: The D.C. Council won't be voting on the Large Retailer Accountability Act tomorrow after all.
Council Chairman Phil Mendelson tells the Washington Post that the vote on the legislation commonly known as the Walmart bill, which would require big retailers to pay a "living wage" of $12.50 an hour, will be pushed to next [...]

Wells Introduces Bill to Enforce Parking Permit Bans

During the fight over its planned residential development at the old Babe's Billiards site in Tenleytown, Douglas Development Corporation made a pledge to neighbors: If the company were given permission to construct the building without any off-street parking, it'd also bar residents from obtaining residential parking permits to park on the street. That way, residents [...]

Mendelson Proposes Work-Around for Anacostia Playhouse

Last week, with the scheduled opening of the Anacostia Playhouse threatened by the need to obtain a variance from the parking requirements in the zoning code, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson declined to consider emergency legislation that would have allowed construction on the Playhouse to go forward in advance of zoning approval. Now, Mendelson just [...]

Battle Lines Drawn Over Zoning Update

It's not really news that lots of people are vocally unhappy about the update to the city's zoning code drafted by the Office of Planning. But it sure makes for good entertainment.
The D.C. Council is wrapping up a hearing right now on the update, which will finally replace the woefully outdated 1958 code that's older [...]

NIMBYs for Mendo: How Could D.C.’s Next Council Chair Affect Development?

Barring some major upset, it seems pretty likely that all-of-a-sudden Council Chairman Phil Mendelson will be able to stick around after a special election. While certainly not omnipotent, Council chairs have substantially more influence over things we talk about in Housing Complex land, through their ability to make bills move quickly or slowly, and corral [...]

Did Pepco Cash Kill Consumer Advocate’s Nomination?

Last week, a D.C. Council committee led by Yvette Alexander voted, after hours of debate, to kill the mayor's nomination of Betty Noel to the Public Service Commission, which regulates the District's utilities. Noel, who for 18 years had litigated on the behalf of consumers as the People's Counsel, had been targeted by Pepco and [...]

D.C. Council Might Make It Easier to Party

The District, from what I've seen, isn't a big block party town—rarely are streets shut down for the purpose of eating, dancing, playing, whatever, in the summer, with your neighbors, with kids running around out of danger from rushing cars. Sure, people have cookouts, but they tend to be invite-only, and someone's personal front yard [...]