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The Incredible Shrinking Stadium-Deal Benefits

That $109 million benefit to the city? It could be more like $17 million.

Own Goal: The D.C. United Stadium Faces a Skeptical D.C. Council

The Council thinks the mayor's office is "thumbing the nose at the legislative branch" on the stadium deal.

Report: D.C. Overpays by More Than $25 Million in Stadium Deal

Buzzard Point land costs too much, and the Reeves Center doesn't cost enough.

Catania Bills to Aid Section 8 Tenants Will Have to Wait

David Catania acted quickly to introduce a legislative fix to an issue threatening hundreds of D.C. residents on Section 8 housing subsidies last week. But he didn't act quickly enough.
My column in last Thursday's paper examined a recent ultimatum issued by a Mount Vernon Triangle building owner to the 302-unit building's low-income, mostly Chinese tenants: Come [...]

Gray: Council Budget Would Delay Streetcar Until 2045, Raise Cost

If the D.C. Council's proposed changes to streetcar funding are allowed to stand, the 22-mile priority streetcar system won't be completed until 2045 and will cost 50 percent more than under the current plan, Mayor Vince Gray says in a letter to Council Chairman Phil Mendelson explaining his veto of the Council's budget.
Gray has vetoed the entirety [...]

Budget Dispute Launches War of Words Between Mendelson and Mayor’s Office

How contentious is tomorrow's budget vote in the D.C. Council? Contentious enough that the mayor's office is comparing the Council chairman to the right-wing billionaire Koch brothers, and the chairman is accusing the mayor's office of stirring up false outrage.
Mayor Vince Gray delivered his $10.7 billion budget proposal to the Council last month. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson has come up [...]

Norton to Gray and Mendelson: Please Stop Bickering Over the Height Act

Fresh off a congressional hearing at which disagreements among D.C. leaders over the Height Act came to the fore, Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District's non-voting delegate in the House of Representatives, sent a letter to Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson yesterday with a simple message: Your bickering is not helping matters.

D.C. Planning Director Harriet Tregoning [...]

Mendelson Explains Opposition to Height Act Autonomy: “Citizens Don’t Trust the Government”

In a wide-ranging discussion of potential changes to the Height Act this morning, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) had plenty of criticism to dispense, with targets ranging from "butt-ugly" 1960s architecture to the annoying air-conditioning unit on his roof that prevents him from peacefully enjoying views of the city's skyline. But he saved his biggest dose of incredulity [...]

NCPC Votes to Send Watered-Down Height Act Recommendation to Congress

Just two days after releasing revised recommendations for changes to the Height Act that would have opened the window to future changes to D.C.'s building height limits, the National Capital Planning Commission voted to strip the proposal of its only meaningful alteration to the 1910 law and send a watered-down recommendation to Congress.
Commissioner Peter May, representing [...]

The D.C. Council Has Lost Its Mind on the Height Act

Presented with the opportunity to take a small degree of control over D.C.'s skyline from Congress, the D.C. Council this morning overwhelmingly offered the equivalent of "no, thanks."
Later today, the National Capital Planning Commission will vote on whether to approve and send to Congress a proposal to alter the 1910 Height of Buildings Act, which [...]