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Park View Development Serves as Reminder for Hebrew Home Decision

Here's a good point-counterpoint on residential development near the Petworth Metro station. The point came on Tuesday night, as residents of Columbia Heights and Petworth debated the future of the former Hebrew Home for the Aged at 1125 Spring Road NW. The vacant building and an adjacent one will become housing; the question is what [...]

Neighbors Back Affordable Housing for 1125 Spring Road, Despite Tensions

The impending redevelopment of a long-vacant city-owned former retirement home at the crossroads of Petworth and Columbia Heights threatened to bring out the latent divisions within the fast-changing neighborhood as residents gathered last night to discuss the building's future. Yet despite high tensions and frequent disagreements, the neighbors ultimately coalesced around a goal that's often thwarted [...]

Petworth Safeway: Starbucks, Local Beer, Bulk Grains, and a Changing Neighborhood

What a difference a few years makes in Petworth. Housing prices on some streets have doubled. Luxury apartments have sprung up along Georgia Avenue NW. An upscale French restaurant sits a block down the street from a single-origin coffee shop.
And what a difference a few years makes for the neighborhood's supermarket. Until it closed in 2012, [...]

Next Step for Struggling Roosevelt High School: International Relations?

Superlatives haven't been kind to Roosevelt High School. As I laid out in a January cover story, Roosevelt has the lowest enrollment of any neighborhood high school. It has the most test-takers who scored "below basic" in math on the District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System, and the worst "math and reading growth" figures.
But now D.C. [...]

A “Dying” Georgia Avenue Block Bodes Ill for the Neighborhood

My colleague Jessica Sidman reports that Fusion Restaurant has just shut its doors on the 4800 block of Georgia Avenue NW, citing repeated break-ins. This isn't big news on its own—restaurants open and close all the time—except that it appears to be part of a pattern. In December, Moroni & Brothers Pizza Restaurant, located two doors [...]

A Glimpse Into the Best of Times on Kennedy Street NW

My column this week looks at the efforts of community members living around Kennedy Street NW to bring retail to the corridor, one of D.C.'s longest commercial strips that doesn't actually have a lot of commerce right now. The street, like many once-vibrant areas in the District, suffered mightily during the 1980s crack epidemic and [...]

Ask Not What Your Street Can Do for You

On a recent Sunday afternoon, hope was in the air on the 700 block of Kennedy Street NW, and it bore the unmistakable scent of spray paint. A graffiti artist was filling the wall of an alley with a composite landscape of global wonders. The Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument loomed over Egyptian and [...]

Slideshow: A Tour of the Future Petworth Safeway Building

The first thing Marc Dubick points out to me when I meet him to tour the construction site that will soon become the Petworth Safeway building is the parking. Eighty-six spaces for shoppers, he tells me, and 135 for residents of the apartments above. It's an odd introduction. The new development is replacing an old Safeway [...]

The City’s Take on Its Booming Neighborhoods

Last week, I wrote about the D.C. neighborhoods with the fastest-rising home prices, according to the Washington DC Economic Partnership. Georgia Avenue/Walter Reed, Kennedy Street, and Fort Totten led the way, each experiencing 25 percent growth in home-sale prices between 2012 and 2013.
Now the city's come out with its official version, of sorts. As first [...]

Swagger-Jacking Alert: The Otis & The Redding Condos

Rock Creek Realty is hyping two condo buildings in Park View (though the company identifies them as being in Petworth).* The first bears a logical name: It's on Otis Place NW, and it's called The Otis.
The second one is across the street, also on Otis Place. Its name? The Redding.
"Fortis," Rock Creek Realty writes, "a DC-based [...]