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Getting This Party Started at Convention Center Hotel

In proof positive that long-running development projects make for nearly as long groundbreaking speeches, today's ceremony to mark the official start of construction on the $520 million Marriott Marquis hotel downtown was a doozy, with speakers thanking everyone from former mayor Marion Barry (seated proudly in the front row) to Washington Convention and Sports Authority [...]

Foreclosure Help Afoot at the Wilson Building

Help is on the way from multiple sources today for homeowners at risk of foreclosure.
Firstly, Attorney General Peter Nickles is trying to tackle the problem of foreclosure notices, the pieces of paper homeowners get when lenders plan to take back their properties. The issue is this: With the amount of buying and selling of mortgages [...]

Ward 4 Says: Too Many Group Homes!

Cries of protest have issued from Ward 8 recently over a sense that too many group homes have been “dumped” across the river. But residents of Ward 4 have been feeling the same way.
At a forum last night organized by Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, Attorney General Peter Nickles and a slate of officials from [...]