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iStrategyLabs Is Final Tenant for Shaw’s Wonder Bread Factory

A year ago, the Wonder Bread Factory was struggling. Douglas Development's ambitious project had transformed the vacant Shaw factory into boutique office space, but tenants were hard to come by. The anchor tenant, WorkSpacesLLC, had just backed out of its lease amid financial hardship.
Now things look much rosier. The tech marketing firm iStrategyLabs is taking [...]

Tech Leader: The Administration’s Great! (But It’s Wrong About Everything.)

Techies are known to be iconoclastic. But it's still somewhat surprising to see disagreements at every turn between D.C.'s tech ringleader and the administration that's bending over backward to accommodate and attract tech startups.
Last night, Smart Growth America hosted a conversation about tech in D.C. with iStrategyLabs' Peter Corbett, the unofficial D.C. tech spokesman and [...]

Righteous Incubation

The Hive II doesn’t open until Nov. 15, but it’s already buzzing. Contractors stroll the halls, putting the finishing touches on the shared workspace and business incubator. Members of ARCH Development Corporation, the nonprofit behind the project, poke their heads out of the space’s private offices. A pink Buddha bust stares expectantly out into one [...]