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Sidewalk of Shame

Connecticut Avenue from Chevy Chase to K Street NW bears some resemblance to a string of pearls: Long, empty stretches with large residential buildings, broken up by vibrant little commercial districts, usually clustered around a Metro station. Mimicking the shape of the streetcar suburbs that trace out from urban centers, most of them are fairly [...]

Does Cleveland Park Need More Sidewalk Space?

The Cleveland Park listserv has gotten more riled up than I've seen it in a long while over the the most time-honored topic of all listserv discussion: Parking. Specifically, whether it's worth getting rid of some parking spaces on the service lane on the east side of Connecticut Avenue between Macomb and Ordway Streets in [...]

Now That’s Pedestrian Friendly

Our graphic designer Brooke Hatfield has put together the best damn valentines you ever did see, including this one, from Housing Complex to you:

Walk This Way: Expanding Pedestrian and Bike Safety to the Whole District Won’t Be Easy

On Monday morning, District Department of Transportation Director Gabe Klein sat at a dais at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments boardroom, next to the Dutch ambassador and other Netherlandish dignitaries. They were there to talk about how their country makes it easy to bicycle, before mobile workshops that would assess D.C.’s bike friendliness.
Although the [...]

Barnes Dance Coming to New Jersey and M SE

The results aren't all in yet for the pedestrian crossing pattern at 7th and H Street NW known as a Barnes Dance, but the District Department of Transportation is already trying it again somewhere else: New Jersey and M Streets SE, right next to the U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters. The intersection has gotten hairier [...]