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Group Moan: Why Ward 8 Is Stuck With Transitional Housing

Every D.C. neighborhood has its NIMBY issue. In Ward 8—and Ward 4—it’s group homes. From the Peaceoholics’ ill-fated facility on Congress Street to a row of houses on Valley Avenue to a women’s shelter on Good Hope Road, a steady drumbeat of concern has risen over what some residents think is an oversaturation of [...]

The Full Story Behind Those Peaceoholics Properties

I've been asking the Department of Housing and Community Development about the shady guy who purchased the Peaceoholics' three properties once the nonprofit's fortunes turned, but it looks like the Post was on it: Debbie Cenziper and Nikita Stewart nailed the story today, showing a nest of connections between the buyer, Richard Hagler, and DHCD [...]

A Year After Peaceoholics Renovated Buildings, They’re Mostly Still Empty

1300 Congress Street SE, still empty.

It's fair to say that the era of the Peaceoholics getting gobs of government funds has come to an end. Last year, the D.C. Council scrutinized $13.7 million in grants and contracts awarded to the anti-violence group over six years. While not guilty of anything terrible, in December, the D.C. [...]

Peaceoholics Buildings Yanked, Will Be Used for Homeless Families [UPDATED]

At a Council Committee on Human Services hearing today, DHS Director Clarence Carter announced a resolution, of sorts, in the long-running saga of the Peaceoholics and 1300 Congress Street SE: That 13-unit building, which the Peaceoholics had gotten city money to rehabilitate into an independent living facility for young at-risk men, will instead be used [...]

Peaceoholics Neighbors Get Their Day in the Council

It's been a long road for the neighbors who live near 1300 Congress Street SE, where the Peaceoholics are building a 13-unit transitional living facility for at-risk young men. Since I covered the initial flare-up back in April, the group has appealed to the media and all levels of city government, garnering Washington Post profiles [...]

Peaceoholics at War: Nonprofit Finds Dealing With At-risk Youths a Lot Easier Than Wrangling With Neighbors

Jauhar Abraham proudly surveys the ongoing construction at 1300 Congress St. SE last Friday afternoon, standing back to avoid clouds of dust.
“It’s gonna be nice,” he says—all-wood floors, ceramic tiling, private bathrooms. “Not the way all these projects are set up.”
The crew performing the renovations looks somewhat different from the one working on developer [...]

Chaos in Congress Heights Over Peaceoholics Youth Home

CLARIFICATION, Thursday 6 p.m.: The Peaceoholics' planned facility is a place where young men will live independently and pay rent, not a "group home," as the headline originally stated.
UPDATE, Sunday 4:20 p.m.: According to Jauhar Abraham and city officials, it is still unclear how the young men will be chosen and paid for. A [...]