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Big Developments Are Coming to D.C. in 2014. But Who Will Benefit?

Nothing brings a grin to a mayor’s face quite like raising an oversize pair of scissors and cutting a ribbon. All the more so in an election year. While 2014 does portend some potential pitfalls for Vince Gray—look no further than the process to redraw school boundaries for the first time in more than 30 [...]

A Big Chunk of Congress Heights Was Just Auctioned Off. Hardly Anyone Noticed.

On typical days, the sprawling collection of abandoned, mostly-built houses and vacant lots tucked behind 4th Street SE sits fenced-in and empty, a distorted mirror image of the flattened construction site across the street, which will soon become the new Ballou High School. But on a recent Wednesday afternoon, a crowd of mostly men (mostly [...]

Where That $187 Million for Affordable Housing Is Coming From, and How It’ll Be Spent

This morning, nearly nine months after pledging to spend $100 million on affordable housing, Mayor Vince Gray outlined his plans to commit $187 million to the creation and preservation of nearly 3,200 affordable housing units. The extra $87 million, as it turns out, is not really an additional allocation of funds for low-income housing; it's actually [...]

Gray Ups Affordable Housing Commitment to $187 Million

Nearly nine months after committing to a one-time, $100 million investment in affordable housing, Mayor Vince Gray announced today that he was expanding that commitment to $187 million, with the goal of creating or preserving nearly 3,200 affordable housing units in the city.
Gray's announcement, made this morning at a press briefing in Takoma, includes news of [...]

In Defense of Affordability at Parkway Overlook

My column this week on the ghost town at the former Parkway Overlook Apartments has sparked a debate in the comments and on Twitter over whether the complex should really be restored as affordable housing. The 20 buildings on the property housed more than 1,000 low-income residents receiving Section 8 assistance from the federal government [...]

Overlooked and Underfunded

Just south of Anacostia, on a hill overlooking the Suitland Parkway, lies a ghost town.
I first encountered it earlier this summer while driving around Southeast D.C. with Reuben Pemberton, a Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs official who was showing me buildings with some of the highest outstanding vacant-property tax bills in the city. These [...]