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NoMa Underpass to Become Never-Ending Rainstorm

The first of NoMa's four grimy underpasses will get a moving light display.

The 13 Possible Futures of NoMa’s Grimy Underpasses

Can inventive designs unite a neighborhood cut in half by train tracks?

All the D.C. Maps You’ll Ever Need

You could spend hours playing with the recently upgraded D.C. Geographic Information System. Having done so myself, I'll save you the trouble. Here, in no particular order, are a few dozen maps of the geography of all sorts of city features you never even considered, plus a few you may actually have been curious about. [...]

Take Back the Capital

Of the District’s acts of defiance during the first week of federal government shutdown, one stood out for its seemingly undefiant nature. Given that the National Park Service was ceasing most of its operations in D.C. while Congress wasn’t funding it, Mayor Vince Gray announced, the city would start picking up trash at Park Service–controlled [...]

D.C. Is America’s Eighth-Best City for Recreation*

Yes, that's an asterisk at the end of the headline. According to NerdWallet, only seven cities in America are better for recreation than the fair District. The upper Midwest dominates the list, led by Minneapolis, Madison, and St. Paul. Cincinnati, Norfolk, Va., Baton Rouge, and Anchorage also top D.C., which edges out Irvine, Ca. and [...]

Can Mount Vernon Triangle Replicate Capitol Riverfront’s Successes?

The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District has a new director. Claire Schaefer Oleksiak, who's served as deputy executive director of the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District for the past six years, takes over for Bill McLeod, who started as executive director of Historic Dupont Circle Main Street on July 1.
It's a fitting move. In building [...]

Parks and Wreck

When city officials began planning the neighborhood that’s now NoMa in the 1990s, their goal was simple: turn a wasteland into a productive area. Planners never gave much thought to making it a proper neighborhood, instead conceiving of it as more of an office park that would take advantage of the proximity to Union Station [...]

D.C.’s Pretty Egalitarian With Its Parks

Good news for D.C. park lovers: According to the Trust for Public Land's ParkScore project, among the 50 biggest cities in the country, the District is the sixth-best when it comes to parks. Minneapolis takes first place, followed by New York, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Boston. Cities are ranked by park acreage, investment in parks, [...]

With $50 Million in Hand, NoMa Looks to Close “Parks Deficit”

What happens when a neighborhood forms in a place where no one planned for it? You end up with a shortage of neighborhood amenities—in NoMa's case, parks. The formerly desolate area was targeted for development last decade as little more than an office park, with a desirable location near Union Station but no real plans [...]

Something Better for RFK Parking Lots?

On Saturday night, the Fall Massive electronic music festival on the parking lot south of RFK Stadium roared throughout the surrounding neighborhood of Hill East—and the neighborhood roared back, forcing them to turn down the volume way earlier in the night than planned.
A small victory for residents, perhaps. But they know it'll probably just happen [...]