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Parking Under the Mall: Not an April Fool’s Joke, But It Should Be

This weekend, The Washington Post ran an editorial in support of what it called "a pretty sensible idea": building a giant parking garage under the National Mall. The concept comes from the "energetic and civic-minded nonprofit" National Coalition to Save the Mall and envisions a facility stretching from 9th Street to 12th Street NW and [...]

Can D.C. Council Legally Allow Construction Without a Permit?

D.C. Councilmembers Tommy Wells and Marion Barry have been working to allow construction on the Anacostia Playhouse to move forward, even though it hasn't received a building permit due to parking issues. In short, the issue is that the theater doesn't have the on-site parking required by the city's zoning regulations, so it's applying for [...]

Out, Damned Spot! How D.C.’s Onerous Parking Requirements Slow Development

Last Wednesday, representatives of the Office of Planning held a private meeting with developers and community leaders in Anacostia to discuss how to create a bustling retail zone in the Ward 8 neighborhood. Assisting them was something called the D.C. Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit, a document prepared for the Office of Planning by the Bethesda-based [...]

Battle of Babe’s Ends With Approval of Parking-Free Building

The Battle of Babe's is over, and the winner is the alliance between Douglas Development Corporation and smart-growth advocates who argued against the need for parking near the Tenleytown Metro station.
The fight began when Douglas, owner of the long-vacant Babe's Billiards site, put forward a proposal to build a mixed-use building on the site without [...]

This Is How Much People Care About Parking

I'll dispense with the drama first: Last night, after a yearlong debate over Douglas Development's plans to build a six-story mixed-use development in Tenleytown without off-street parking, the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission approved the plan unanimously. With ANC 3E's nonbinding stamp of approval, it goes to the Zoning Commission for a ruling on Douglas' application [...]

Battle Lines Drawn Over Zoning Update

It's not really news that lots of people are vocally unhappy about the update to the city's zoning code drafted by the Office of Planning. But it sure makes for good entertainment.
The D.C. Council is wrapping up a hearing right now on the update, which will finally replace the woefully outdated 1958 code that's older [...]

Not Asking for a Lot

Late last year, Douglas Development Corporation presented Tenleytown residents with two options. The ground floor of an apartment building it was planning for the site of the defunct Babe’s Billiards on Wisconsin Avenue NW could either become a parking garage—or it could be devoted to retail. The local Advisory Neighborhood Commission deliberated, and at its [...]

Why Performance Parking Will Underperform

Yesterday, TBD bemoaned the fact that parking downtown will get more expensive under D.C.'s new performance parking regime, illustrating the high occupancy rate of on-street spaces with samples taken by the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District. The thing is, those samples by no means represent the totality of parking available downtown, because they don't take [...]

Park It

In the basement of the Watha T.Daniel/Shaw Library early last month, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C came up with a wish list for everything it wanted in a new development that would go on a long-vacant, city-owned lot across the street. The last plan had foundered in the recession, and this time, the city was offering [...]

How Parking Makes People Insane

Last night, I sat in on a presentation by representatives of the new owners of Georgetown's Evermay estate. Neighbors were guarded about their proposal to convert the three-acre residence into the headquarters of their non-profit foundation, which would eventually have as many as nine employees. Attorney Alice Haase promised that they would barely even notice the [...]