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Preservation Office: Spring Valley Parking Lot Isn’t a Historic Landmark

But that's not to say other lots can't be deemed historic.

A Lot to Lose: Can a Parking Lot Be an Historic Landmark?

A developer wants to build on a parking lot in Spring Valley. Not so fast, says some neighbors: That parking lot is an historic landmark.

City Unveils Tweaks to Visitor Parking Pass Program

It may not please everyone, but the city has finally released its proposed changes to the controversial visitor parking pass program.
Currently, every household on parking pass-eligible blocks in wards 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 automatically receives a free pass in the mail that visitors can use to park in the resident's neighborhood. Under the [...]

Office of Planning Neuters Zoning Update, and Then Some

Last summer, smart-growth advocates were horrified—and car defenders delighted—to learn that the Office of Planning had decided to scale back its plans that would have allowed developers to construct fewer off-street parking spaces near high-capacity transit lines. As part of an update to the city's 1958 zoning code, the office, led then by Harriet Tregoning, had proposed eliminating parking [...]

H Street Community Garden Won’t Become Parking Lot After All

H Street NE-area gardeners can breathe a sigh of relief: The Wylie Street Community Garden probably won't become a surface parking lot after all.
Last month, it appeared the garden could be headed that way, as the developers converting the nearby R.L. Christian Library at 1300 H St. NE into condos struggled to find another location for the [...]

Is Private Parking a Public Amenity?

Cue Joni Mitchell: The Wylie Street Community Garden, just off H Street NE, could soon be paved over to put up a parking lot. The District Source reports that the developers of a planned condo building at the former R.L. Christian Library at 1300 H St. NE are considering converting the garden into five surface parking spaces to address community [...]

Norton Aims to Explore Parking Under Mall; Congress Isn’t Interested

On April Fools Day weekend, the Washington Post ran an editorial promoting "a pretty sensible idea": building a giant garage under the National Mall. The proposal, it turned out, was not made in jest—and one influential Washingtonian is taking it very seriously.
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced an amendment to a bill last night in the House Rules [...]

Zoning Update Won’t Eliminate Parking Minimums in Transit Zones

The headline of this post has been updated to reflect a clarification from the Office of Planning that the change to the parking minimum plans is only for transit zones and not for downtown.
Big news on the rewrite of the city's 55-year-old zoning code: In a reversal from previous plans, the proposed update from the [...]

Scottish Rite Temple Doesn’t Need Extra Parking (Updated)

Update 6/24: After this post was published, several of you commented that it seemed unlikely that a modest renovation would trigger new zoning requirements. I attempted to get in touch with the architect, but she did not return my calls or emails. Meanwhile, the architect apparently saw your comments: According to Borderstan, the architect responded to [...]

How to Help People Park (by Charging Them More)

A lot of people will tell you a war on cars is being waged in the District. It's not really true, of course, but there is a heated debate over transportation in the city, and the most contentious topic is parking. The city has been accused of waging war for the increased number of parking [...]