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The Cold War on Cars

Fewer and fewer new residents own cars.

Tregoning: Parking Minimum Elimination Was “Really Wigging People Out”

Public opposition led the Office of Planning to change course and scrap its plans to eliminate parking minimums in transit zones as part of its rewrite of the city's 55-year-old zoning code.
"We listened, and people were really concerned about it," says Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning. "The absolute no required parking was really wigging [...]

How to Help People Park (by Charging Them More)

A lot of people will tell you a war on cars is being waged in the District. It's not really true, of course, but there is a heated debate over transportation in the city, and the most contentious topic is parking. The city has been accused of waging war for the increased number of parking [...]

Parking Minimums Prolong Recessions?

The Washington Convention Center is packed full of real estate types today for the Urban Land Institute's annual wingding. This morning, local wonder boy Jair K. Lynch sat on a panel about prospects for smaller-scale developers, and dropped one of the more interesting remarks of the morning: Jurisdictions that lag behind current trends in personal [...]