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It’s March Madness for Development, as Bowser Announces New Projects

Which development contract will be eliminated next?

Five Big Projects in Flux as Bowser Reviews Development Awards

Bowser is reviewing, and in at least one case scrapping, development awards issued by her predecessor.

ANC Votes to Bring Hotel to Parcel 42 in Shaw

If the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission has its way, a Marriott hotel is coming to a long-vacant parcel of land in Shaw.
ANC 2C voted 2-1 tonight, with one abstention, in favor of a proposal from Principion Ventures and Baywood Hotels to bring an extended-stay Marriott TownePlace Suites hotel, a Milk and Honey grocery store, and apartments [...]

Choose Your Own Adventure, Shaw Edition

Shaw residents packed into the meeting room at the Watha T. Daniel library last night to get a glimpse of their neighborhood's future. Well, six different potential futures.
In response to the city's April request for proposals to develop the long-vacant Parcel 42 at the intersection of 7th Street, R Street, and Rhode Island Avenue NW, [...]

UHOP Looks to Consolidate Hold on 7th Street Block

Last month, the city held a pre-bid conference for people interested in Parcel 42, the key chunk of land at 7th and Rhode Island Avenue NW that's now on its second trip through the public disposition process. There was a good showing of local small developers: Redbrick, Neighborhood Development Company, Altus Realty Partners, The Community [...]

Another Chunk of City Land Back Up For Grabs: 7th and Rhode Island

Gradually, gradually, the city is scrapping Adrian Fenty-era-and-earlier plans for redevelopment projects on government land—either killed by the economy or fumbled by the last administration—and throwing them back out for bid. Up this week: Parcel 42, otherwise known as the big empty lot on the northeast corner of 7th and Rhode Island Avenue NW, kitty [...]

Angelic Art Maybe Coming to Still-Dead Parcel 42

It's been about a year since OneDC took over Parcel 42, the barren plot at the northeast corner of 7th and Rhode Island Avenue NW. Despite plans for an apartment tower down the street, and CityMarket at O and Progression Place a few blocks away all opening or getting going since then, the once-planned all-affordable [...]

Welcome to the Lame Duck Pond

To a large extent, it seems like we've gotten to the point in Still Mayor Adrian Fenty's first and last term at which no more development decisions can be made, given that Almost Mayor Vince Gray might decide something completely different. Such is the case with the Stevens School, which was recently yanked from multi-family [...]

Building Around a Relic: The Shaw Urban Renewal Plan

Building most anything in the District requires many levels of review by commissions, councils, and boards, to comply with regulations imposed by overlays, Acts, and districts. In Shaw, there's even one more more hurdle to clear: The Shaw School Urban Renewal Plan, a document adopted by the National Capital Planning Commission and sanctified by HUD [...]

City Clearing Out Parcel 42

As Sommer Mathis reported yesterday, the city gave the few people still living on the contested space at 7th and R Streets NW a 15-day warning period to pack up and go elsewhere. This morning is the 16th day, and a reader sends in pictoral proof that the Man has made good on his word.
The [...]