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It’s Official: D.C. Won’t Host the 2024 Olympics

The think pieces can finally stop.

Weighing in the Olympics Games’ Favor: D.C. Can’t Get Its Transit System Together Without Them

Yesterday, I listed five reasons to be wary of D.C.'s bid to host the 2024 Olympics. Today, I'll follow up with one reason to be supportive. In a word: transit.
The Metro is overtaxed, unreliable, and doesn't reach many parts of town. The streetcar is taking forever to get off the ground—and that's just the first [...]

Five Reasons Not to Love D.C.’s Olympic Bid

If you thought the Nationals Park and D.C. United stadium deals were bad, just wait'll you see what the Olympics would mean for the city.
The nonprofit DC 2024, led by the Greater Washington Sports Alliance, announced this morning that it's making a push to bring the Summer Olympics to the capital region in 2024. The [...]