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Gray Makes Fenty-esque Defense of OPEFM

In a report issued last week that took two years to put together, the D.C. auditor found that the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization had committed a host of improprieties under now-City Administrator Allen Lew. The charges mostly had to do with recordkeeping, but also included an allegedly cozy relationship between an OPEFM procurement [...]

D.C. to Get Its Own GSA

More budget chunks! Mayor Vince Gray is using his budget to quietly announce major policy changes. For example: Merging the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization with the Department of Real Estate Services as well as the capital construction and real estate management functions of the Department of Parks and Recreation and Fire and Emergency [...]

Gray and Brown Play Good Cop, Bad Cop on Jobs

Today, Mayor Vince Gray announced a new pilot project that would create a carrot for employing District residents on six public school modernization projects: A five percent premium for general contractors that meet District resident hiring requirements negotiated in their contracts, and a bonus paid to subcontractors equal to 10 percent of the payroll of [...]

Under Construction: Wilson High School

It's the start of a new semester for Wilson High School students, which means they're halfway through their stay at the University of the District of Columbia's Building 52–their magnificently redone campus is set to finish this July. Right now, more than 200 people are working every day to meet that deadline, completely gutting and [...]

DC Distributing $30 Million in Energy Efficiency Stimulus Funds

Two D.C. energy auditors out on the job
The Downtown Business Improvement District is reporting that Washington DC will receive $30 million in energy efficiency and conservation funding through the US Department of Energy.
The DC government plans to use 75% of the funds for agencies in need of energy efficiency improvements, with the remaining 25% going [...]