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Fiber-Optical Illusion

Last week, Mayor Vince Gray stopped by the Montana Terrace housing development to celebrate a milestone in a project that he tweeted was “helping to bridge the digital divide.” The nonprofit One Economy Corporation had recently finished wiring eight D.C. low-income housing developments—totaling 1,435 units—with high-speed Internet connections, using the Internet service provider Clear. According [...]

D.C.’s Digital Inclusion Efforts Get Re-Branded

The District's Office of the Chief Technology Officer has been quite busy over the last few months laying down the backbone of a massive fiber network across the city that's supposed to extend internet connectivity to people who could never otherwise afford it. The other half of the money from the federal government for that [...]

Meet the New-ish Boss: Chief Technology Officer Rob Mancini

Like many of Vince Gray’s appointments, Office of the Chief Technology Officer veteran Rob Mancini was made interim director when the last guy got dumped, and then given the job for real. Also typical of Gray hires: A deliberate, don’t-rush-into-anything style. Still, he’s presiding over one of the city’s most exciting developments in the form [...]

Walking the Last Mile: Can D.C.’s New Internet Service Actually Connect the Masses?

Last week, Mayor Vince Gray announced the connection of the nation's first 100-gigabit municipal fiber network, called DC-CAN. With the backbone funded by a federal stimulus grant, it's a huge step forward for internet connections in government facilities like recreation centers and police stations. It's also a very good deal for big non-profits like Bread [...]