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Occupy D.C. Freedom Plaza to Get Awkward Neighbor

So I guess this had to happen eventually: A conservative group, the National Center for Public Policy Research, got a permit to stage a "counterprotest" on the eastern half of Freedom Plaza (contra the Center's David Almasi, the Freedom Plaza-ites actually got a permit in advance as well). They're scheduled to start next Monday and [...]

Next Generation Occupy

Pack it up.

When the day dawned gray and wet Sunday morning, fewer than one third of the 170 tents that populated McPherson Square at the height of Occupy D.C.'s encampment there remained. Those that did had been emptied of their contents, doors flapping in the wind, as if a wildfire had ripped through. Tyvek-clad [...]

With Restraining Order Denied, Occupy D.C.’s Back to a Looming Sense of Dread

The Occupiers at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza have gone a whole day without being kicked out, as the Park Service had warned might happen as soon as yesterday at noon. It's a horrible feeling of uncertainty, not knowing when—if at all—a police officer might come along and seize your tent as evidence.
As the uneasy [...]

D.C. Building Codes Don’t Apply in McPherson Square!

The endgame of Occupy D.C.'s short-lived attempt to erect a 17-foot-high, wooden-framed structure at McPherson Square featured a strange bit of law enforcement theater: The Park Police called the District's Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, which tracked down the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs' weekend duty building inspector, who came by and deemed [...]

Occupy DC Builds a “People’s Pentagon”

As the cold descends, McPherson Square's occupiers have kept busy figuring out how to keep themselves comfortable. A key part of that planning came together last night, in the form of a one-room building that's been called a shed, a barn, and most often simply a "structure,"  for the purpose of holding general assemblies and [...]

Occupy Lead and Asbestos-Laden Buildings!

On Saturday, members of Occupy DC—sort of, given that the action wasn't approved in a General Assembly—snuck into the vacant Franklin School at 13th and K Street NW, protesting the fact that it had been unused since the city closed a homeless shelter there in 2008. Before they were hauled out, one told me that [...]

Occupiers Take Over Franklin School

At 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, an indeterminate number of people entered the historic Franklin School at 13th and K Street NW to protest the 2008 closure of a homeless shelter in the building. As of this posting, police are still trying to figure out how to oust them. Watch a livestream here.
The building has been [...]

McPherson Square, Occupied

As I describe in this week's column, Occupy DC has developed its own inner urban geography. Using my incredibly primitive Paint skillz, the above is an attempt at a very approximate cartographic representation. It's probably already out of date, actually; the lay of the land changes every day.

D.C.’s Parks, Finally Occupied

There’s a very traditional way of protesting in Washington: People come with their signs, parade up and down the Mall or Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and then move on, like a cloud of locusts passing over a field. The only way of measuring impact is through crowd counts. Usually, lawmakers aren’t even around to see those [...]

Want to Hold A Revolution? Don’t Do it In Freedom Plaza.

There are lots of differences between the two encampments now thoroughly established in downtown D.C. The one on Freedom Plaza has been in the works since this spring, in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, while the one in McPherson square—a.k.a. Occupy K Street—arose in response to the spontaneous takeover of [...]