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The Slow Death of Occupy D.C.

Early this morning, the Park Police rolled into McPherson Square, set up barricades, took down the Tent of Dreams, distributed blue flyers describing what they were going to do, and after giving Occupiers about an hour to remove stuff from their tents, started methodically going through the park in yellow jumpsuits to bag and tag [...]

Police Raid Occupy D.C.

The U.S. Park Police is moving into Occupy D.C.'s protest in McPherson Square (and the "Tent of Dreams" has come down). Cops are removing all camping gear, to enforce the park's anti-camping regulations, and some protesters are moving to a nearby Lutheran church. But the protest is not being evicted, and tents will remain.
Lydia DePillis [...]

Why Occupy D.C. Is Wrong About the West End Library Deal

Looks like a Zoning Commission hearing this evening on Eastbanc's plan for the West End Library and Firehouse is going to be more exciting than normal, with folks from Occupy D.C. and other assorted activists on hand to protest "the arbitrary suspension of existing zoning rules in the interest of multinational corporations." As part of [...]

D.C. Building Codes Don’t Apply in McPherson Square!

The endgame of Occupy D.C.'s short-lived attempt to erect a 17-foot-high, wooden-framed structure at McPherson Square featured a strange bit of law enforcement theater: The Park Police called the District's Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, which tracked down the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs' weekend duty building inspector, who came by and deemed [...]

D.C.’s Parks, Finally Occupied

There’s a very traditional way of protesting in Washington: People come with their signs, parade up and down the Mall or Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and then move on, like a cloud of locusts passing over a field. The only way of measuring impact is through crowd counts. Usually, lawmakers aren’t even around to see those [...]