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With City’s Movie Supply Nearly Doubling, Landmark CEO Is Unconcerned (Mostly)

The District currently has 49 commercial movie-theater screens, not counting the IMAX theater at the Smithsonian (or the myriad screening rooms at culture institutions). In the next few years, we're set to get an additional 40 screens. The arrival of Landmark cinemas in NoMa and on V Street NW, an Angelika theater at Union Market, [...]

Ten-Screen Movie Theater Coming to NoMa

Landmark Theatres is planning to open a 10-screen movie theater in NoMa, with an anticipated opening in fall 2016.
The cinema will be part of the Capitol Point development by the Chevy Chase, Md.-based JBG Companies, which is located at the corner of New York Avenue and N Street NE and will also include a 200-room [...]

Housing Authority Redevelopment to Include Residential Component, Satellite Office

Earlier today, I reported that the D.C. Housing Authority was looking to redevelop its obsolete NoMa headquarters. Now I've obtained the developer solicitation released today by the Housing Authority, so I can provide more details.
The request for qualifications seeks responses from developers by Sept. 19. It calls for a mixed-use development on the site at [...]

Housing Authority Looks to Redevelop Headquarters

The D.C. Housing Authority is seeking developers interested in turning its headquarters on North Capitol Street into a mixed-use development with commercial, retail, and residential uses.
The Housing Authority issued a request for qualifications today from "experienced developers with the capacity and broad experience in mixed-use development that includes commercial (including government facilities with public intake), [...]

Parks and Wreck

When city officials began planning the neighborhood that’s now NoMa in the 1990s, their goal was simple: turn a wasteland into a productive area. Planners never gave much thought to making it a proper neighborhood, instead conceiving of it as more of an office park that would take advantage of the proximity to Union Station [...]

With $50 Million in Hand, NoMa Looks to Close “Parks Deficit”

What happens when a neighborhood forms in a place where no one planned for it? You end up with a shortage of neighborhood amenities—in NoMa's case, parks. The formerly desolate area was targeted for development last decade as little more than an office park, with a desirable location near Union Station but no real plans [...]

Does D.C. Need Its Own Version of Privately Owned Public Space?

Yesterday's big budget news, on the Housing Complex front at least, was the restoration of funds for affordable housing. But it came at a cost for another priority: Parks in NoMa, where opportunities for public space are rapidly disappearing (the field where summer movies are screened, for example, is slated to become a new apartment [...]


Coffee culture, as understood in bean-crazed locales like Seattle and Portland, has yet to take root in the District. A Starbucks or Caribou can usually be found churning out syrupy concoctions, but the classic independent shop—where espresso is an art and the food comes second—is still very hard to come by.
There are lots of reasons [...]

NoMa Looking For a Few Great Public Spaces

Joining the crowd of D.C.'s next High Lines. (AECOM)

NoMa, as has been amply documented, is on fire with residential and office development. But as the new neighborhood's planners realized in 2010, they're missing something pretty critical: A central gathering place to hang out. And as sites get built out, opportunities to lock one down are [...]

NoMa, Under Construction

The Archstone NoMa, finishing up.

If you ask a longtime D.C. resident where NoMa is, they might not know what you're talking about. They should be forgiven: The formerly industrial district that hugs the railroad tracks behind Union Station has only really become someplace over the last ten years, with a cluster of office buildings [...]