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Why I Don’t Call Walmart Opponents NIMBYs

In response to my NIMBYism manifesto, the Atlantic's Megan McArdle sees a double standard:
I read DePillis pretty regularly, and I don't usually see her calling out, say, people opposing a local Wal-Mart as "NIMBYs"; they're "opposition groups". The term NIMBY seems to be reserved for people who oppose locating things in their back [...]

What I Talk About When I Talk About NIMBYism

In reporting the news of neighborly dissatisfaction with a women's shelter coming to Anacostia, as with the now-dead effort to bring at-risk young people to the J.F. Cook School in Truxton Circle, I've offended some people by calling them NIMBYs. So I think it's worth defining what I mean by the term, which I use [...]

NIMBY Watch: Anacostia Protesting Homeless Women

It's as predictable as the sunrise, from Petworth to Congress Heights to Truxton Circle to Hill East: A social services organization tries to locate a facility in a neighborhood, the neighbors feel blindsided, and the battle is joined. This time, the drama is about to play out again in the heart of Anacostia's business district, [...]

24-Hour 11th Street: A “Dangerous Precedent”?

Margot's Chair, the latest offering from Tryst/Diner/Open City impresario Constantine Stavropoulos slated for the ground floor of refurbished condos at 11th and Monroe Street in Columbia Heights, has mostly made it through the regulatory meat grinder. The 250-seat, 7,000-square-foot hangout spot got a "voluntary agreement" with the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission that allows 24-hour operation [...]

Ledroit House May Get Rehabbed After All [UPDATE: For Ari Shapiro!]

Don't you just love happy endings? Or probable happy endings at least? 1922 3rd Street NW, the dignified house on the huge corner lot in Ledroit Park, has a new contract buyer and a new renovation plan—and this time, the house's curse may finally be lifted.
Last summer, of course, Community Three Development had hoped to [...]

In Response to Concerns, American Moves Beds Around

Taking a cue from Georgetown University, which made last-minute concessions before its first date with the Zoning Commission, American University is tweaking its campus plan to appease the neighbors before going through the review process.
On the "east campus," now a parking lot on Nebraska and New Mexico, A.U. proposes reducing the number of new beds [...]

Give the Department of Homeland Security to AU Park!

Following the progress of two large development projects–the Department of Homeland Security at St. Elizabeths in Ward 8, and American University's proposed campus plan in Ward 3–it's hard not to feel a little cognitive dissonance.
At the first, officials are struggling to figure out how on earth they're going to make a highly secure federal complex [...]

Is 90 Feet Too Tall For Pennsylvania Avenue?

All the judgments are in on preliminary designs for the former Hine Jr. High School, as interested parties ready themselves for its hearing before the Historic Preservation Review Board next week. They all have various issues with the architectural quality of the designs, which will be refined over the coming months. But the most fundamental [...]

Burleith: Just Slightly More of a Rental Ghetto Than Everywhere Else

Members of the citizens groups fighting against campus plans recently submitted by Georgetown and American Universities were none too happy that WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi included only university spokespeople in a Monday program on the subject. Before it started, the program's web page gathered more comments than probably any in WAMU's history, and the station was [...]

Matt Yglesias Book Project: The Case Against NIMBYism

Center for American Progress blogger Matt Yglesias rarely misses an opportunity to point out the value of urban density (sometimes to the point of dogmatism, I might add). But you're going to see less of that on his blog soon, he notes in an aside today. Why? There might be a book project in the [...]