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The Calm Before the Dorm

“Development Invades the Preserve of the Wealthy,” declared the Washington Post headline. A new residential project near American University called Westover Place had neighbors up in arms, worried that their peaceful lifestyle would be disrupted by a horde of new residents.
“Here you have these fine established residential neighborhoods, which will be impacted with increased density [...]

NIMBYs Win One, Lose One in Upper Northwest

In case you didn't have a chance last week to locate a hard copy of the Northwest Current, a few stories of note:

Sure enough, the developers of the new Tenleytown Safeway backed down in response to neighborhood concerns (which verged into veiled threats of Giant-style litigation) over the monstrous height of a mixed-use project. They [...]

Old Georgetown Board Shoots Down Grace Street Project

Sure enough, concurring with neighborhood objections, the federally-appointed board that reviews construction in Georgetown last week kiboshed plans for a four-story, seven-condo project on a little parking lot on Cecil Place just south of the canal. The Luddite, PDF-only Georgetown Current reports that the OGB "said the top story, rood access and projecting bays ought to [...]

Can Anyone Develop An Empty Georgetown Lot?

The minds of Georgetowners. (Rendering by PGN Architects)

On the quaint, narrow corner of Grace Street and Cecil Place in Georgetown, there's a fenced-off gravel lot that seems out of character with the surrounding townhouses. It's owned by G.M. Steinbraker & Sons, a third-generation contracting firm that operates out of a workshop down the street, and [...]

Group Moan: Why Ward 8 Is Stuck With Transitional Housing

Every D.C. neighborhood has its NIMBY issue. In Ward 8—and Ward 4—it’s group homes. From the Peaceoholics’ ill-fated facility on Congress Street to a row of houses on Valley Avenue to a women’s shelter on Good Hope Road, a steady drumbeat of concern has risen over what some residents think is an oversaturation of [...]

Wisconsin Avenue Giant Clears Final Legal Hurdle

The city's longest and most acrimonious fight over density has finally been resolved—and the densifiers won.
Not that there was really any question that those proposing to turn the one-story, mid-century Giant Foods on Wisconsin at Idaho Avenue NW into a mixed-use development called Cathedral Commons were right on the merits, when the Zoning Commission unanimously [...]

Even Andy Shallal Has to Deal With NIMBYs

This weekend's Washington Post magazine ran a long profile of everyone's favorite anti-war restauranteur, Andy Shallal. It's a worthwhile romp through the Busboys and Poets proprietor's varied career (1980s job: managing a restaurant in the very corporate Omni Shoreham hotel) and current struggles (getting blasted by black poets for commercializing their culture).
I'll just use it [...]

NIMBY Rewards: Substation Instead of Housing at Friendship Heights Metro

When the news first broke that developer Akridge had sold its site at 5220 Wisconsin Avenue to Pepco, I withheld judgment, hoping that Pepco would find a way to incorporate some housing or retail into its contemplated substation. But the Examiner reports today that the worst is true: The site, where Akridge had planned a [...]

No Movement on the Horizon for J.F. Cook School

For a second there, it looked like Youthbuild public charter school was about to start making progress again on its plan to make use of the vacant J.F. Cook School in Truxton Circle after neighborhood protest killed the participation of the Latin American Youth Center, which brought millions of dollars worth of funding from various [...]

How Brookland—And Dupont Circle—Are Killing the American Economy

OK, not by themselves. But Brookland, in its fight over the years against additional density at its underutilized Metro station, is exhibit A in Arlington-based economist Ryan Avent's new argument—also summarized in Sunday's New York Times—that our failure to build more housing in America's most opportunity-rich cities is choking economic growth. I'm sure Avent must [...]