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Just How Transient is D.C.? Depends How You Count

Each summer brings a familiar sense of malaise for young D.C. professionals, as a sizable chunk of their friends decamp for New York or grad school or elsewhere, never to return. The District sometimes feels full of 22- and 23-year-olds on a two-year layover between college and whatever comes next.
But just how transient is D.C.? [...]

New Yorkers Aren’t Clamoring to Move Here, Get Over It

Since the election, D.C.'s fallen madly in love with itself.
We're the best! People are packing their bags in Brooklyn and Manhattan, goes the thinking. The Holland Tunnel is loaded with cars sitting in traffic, just trying to make their way down here.
The perception started in early Fall with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the [...]

Real Estate Blogs Still Relevant?

You can imagine which way I'd want this answered. I bring it up because the New York Times had a story out last week about how New York real estate bloggers are coping with the downturn. The article reports they're:
(A) Being nicer: "Blogs are also becoming more tasteful. Curbed has a feature called Price Chopper [...]

Good News for the Evermay!

Much has been said about how inner city, luxury real estate has escaped the pains of the housing downturn. Here in D.C., people are certainly banking on that belief, considering that two record-breaking listings—the Halcyon House for $30 million, and the Evermay Estate for $49 million—went on the market in D.C. in late summer/early autumn. [...]

And You Think Our Condo Glut’s Bad…

Much has been said about D.C.'s condo glut. But, the truth is, housing forecasters aren't telling the same story they were a year ago. As I wrote in mid October, Delta Associates third quarter condo report noted 174 sales in the District, the highest quarterly total in over a year, and two thirds of all [...]

Real Estate Roundup

Happy news! People who purchased new homes in 2007 are feeling pretty good about themselves, according to a new survey: "New home buyers 'like the price, but now they're getting things that were options that they had to buy, like granite and marble baths, as standard,' according to the article. "In rare circumstances, new home [...]