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In a Changing Washington, Lots of Stuff

As it does nearly every year, the New York Times discovered D.C. dining yesterday. The conceit of the story was the same as all the others: High-quality restaurants are—magically, mysteriously—materializing in heretofore wastelands like "once-dicey Adams Morgan," "the emerging neighborhood of Bloomingdale just blocks from a public-housing project," and "the once highly shady Logan Circle." To spare you [...]

The Difference Between New York and Washington

Is that while Washingtonians use their subway system, New Yorkers love their subway system. Case in point: The Saturday New York Times' special section on the New York Subway. Would the Washington Post ever run such a pullout on the Metro? Don't answer that.
The whole package is worth a skim for any train lover or [...]

Just What, Exactly, is Maureen Dowd Trying to Say About Fort Stevens?

If you cracked open the New York Times op-ed page this morning, you would have found a rare and welcome sight: Discussion of a local historic site, Fort Stevens, where President Abraham Lincoln came out to observe a battle in 1864 (the Confederate forces were repelled, and Lincoln came out unscathed).
The point of the column's [...]

Congress May Pass New Homebuyer Tax Credit This Week

Two sources—the New York Times and Reuters—are reporting that Congress will likely be renewing the first-time homebuyer tax credit in the next few days. "After weeks of partisan bickering, the Senate voted 97 to 1 to clear a procedural hurdle and move to final passage on Wednesday or Thursday. The House of Representatives is expected [...]

Energy Efficient or Not Energy Efficient–It’s All Labeled the Same!

The Department of Energy has been getting some great publicity—definitely on this blog—this month for its gigantic Solar Decathlon competition sprawled across the National Mall. But as DOE officials were shaking hands, making announcements, and touring various homes, someone in their department managed to leak an important, internal document to the New York Times.
Yesterday, [...]

Intentional Communities on the Up-and-Up?

This summer, I was treated to a delicious meal of—are you ready for this?—brussels sprouts, glazed salmon, veggie potpie with chard, collared greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, onion, and a pizza dough crust; an egg souffle with mushrooms and onions; and a seasoned risotto boiled in an onion stock.
A ton–yes. But not when you live [...]

New Home Sales Up 11 Percent in June

Another month, another round of housing numbers. Today's big news is that new home sales were up 11 percent nationally in June over the previous month's numbers. Let's keep thing in perspective though:
The good news:

"Sales of new homes in the United States posted their largest monthly gain in nearly eight years in June..." (The New [...]

NoMa: It Will Be Great in a Decade!

Today's New York Times has a story about NoMa, D.C.'s next "hot address" some point down the line. “In eight or 10 years,” states one source, “it’s clearly going to be a thriving urban environment.”
The piece is a nice little roundup of what's already established and what's to come in the area. So, in case [...]