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Walmart Moves on New York, Ward 4 Marches on Foulger-Pratt

Walmart's mounting a new offensive to gain entrance to New York City, but the stealth strategy won't work there like in did in  Washington D.C. The company has been nosing around New York for years now, only to be defeated by unions and skeptical politicians–but this time, it doesn't intend to be denied, coming with [...]

Mt. Vernon Square Could Be So Much More Than It Is

Last night, the Office of Planning and its consultants presented their concept plan for the redevelopment of the Mt. Vernon Square neighborhood, a vaguely-defined region that exists at the intersection of Chinatown, Shaw, Logan Circle, and the downtown core. Their ideas illuminated just how far the area is falling short of its potential.
To get what [...]

The Difference Between New York and Washington

Is that while Washingtonians use their subway system, New Yorkers love their subway system. Case in point: The Saturday New York Times' special section on the New York Subway. Would the Washington Post ever run such a pullout on the Metro? Don't answer that.
The whole package is worth a skim for any train lover or [...]

Now That’s What I Call a Sidewalk!

From this [Park(ing) Day]...

To this...

The organizers of Park(ing) Day DC seemed none too pleased with the post I wrote about their event. Apparently, the explanatory tone was not oozing with enough enthusiasm for them, so one coordinator took the time to type out his own version.

Can You Just Throw an Artist at Every Problem?

Washington D.C. is beating New York City in at least one thing: Keeping our office buildings bustling.
In the past year, New York office rents have dived more than 18 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal, and vacancies are at 11.4 percent.
Figures like these prompted New York Magazine to recently envision reusing vacant city offices [...]

Best Bike Lane Ever?

As I may or may not have whined about in the past, urban biking freaks me out.
I do timidly pedal around on occasion. But I lack the bravery and well-honed sense of when to break the rules that others possess. (See Mike DeBonis's "Cyclists: How to Be a Sensible Scofflaw")

Dumpster Surplus Leads to Dumpster Swimming

At first, the idea sounds disgusting.
No, you think, I have zero desire to swim with old rusty nails. 
But done-up as an exclusive, behind-closed-doors, all-the-cools-kids-are-swimming-in-dumpsters-and-you-don't-even-know-where-they-are! way, the idea has its appeal. 
It's happening in New York, somewhere deep in Brooklyn we're told—although the New York Times won't reveal where.  Given the economic downturn and stagnation in the construction [...]

Upscale Condos Turned into Homeless Shelter

Here's an interesting story out of New York City, specifically Crown Heights Brooklyn: A developer has signed a ten year contract to rent out luxury condo units to homeless families, according to the New York Daily News. The units, priced between $250,000 and $350,000, include granite countertops, terraces, marble bathrooms, and closets so big "you [...]