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Douglas Bets on a Troubled New York Avenue Site

Can Douglas succeed where other developers have given up?

On Ward 5 Industrial Land, Striking a Balance Between Neighbors’ Desires and City’s Needs

Last year, I stood with Doug Jemal on a portion of a derelict lot on New York Avenue NE that he was planning to turn into a major commercial and retail development. The site of the former Hecht Company distribution center—which Jemal, Douglas Development's founder and president, has since decided to turn into residences instead of offices—didn't look [...]

Douglas Makes Big Changes to Hecht’s Warehouse Plans

When Doug Jemal looks at the old Hecht Company distribution center, a vacant warehouse on noisy New York Avenue NE that he bought for $20 million in 2011, he sees a property that's "gonna be worth $200 million." When he looks at the surrounding neighborhood, economically depressed Ivy City, he sees an area that "could be the Meatpacking [...]

The Hecht Company Warehouse, Present and Future

In my column this week on the potentially transformative development taking place at the Hecht Company warehouse on New York Avenue NE, I didn't have a ton of space to go into details of the plans. So allow me to flesh them out a bit.
The highlight of the site is the warehouse itself, a 1937 [...]

Hecht’s Appeal

Photo Slideshow: Hecht Company Warehouse

At a time of when cranes are proliferating across the city, Ivy City can feel like the kid who didn’t get picked.
The diminutive Northeast neighborhood is hemmed in by New York Avenue and the railroad tracks to the north, Mount Olivet Cemetery to the southeast, and Gallaudet University to the southwest. [...]

1,000-Car Garage Today, Apartments Tomorrow?

To the extent that Paul Millstein and cars have been mentioned in the same sentence by members of the public in recent months, it's usually something along the lines of "Paul Millstein wants to take away my car" or "Paul Millstein's trying to make it impossible for me to park my car." The developer with [...]

Box Boom

Vince Gray beamed as he strode down the aisle, trailed by a cluster of aides and constituents hoping for a photo with the mayor, clutching a fork in one hand and a plate of appetizers in the other. “Imagine how many jobs this will create!” he said.
The scene last Wednesday was a preview reception at [...]

New York Avenue Filling Out Eastward With 14-Story Luxury Apartment Building

Mount Vernon Triangle got the vital stats yesterday on the Steuart Company and Paradigm Companies' plan for its property on 4th Street and New York Avenue, which they're calling "Square 515" for now: 390 luxury apartment units in a 14-story building, scheduled to start construction in September. It'll take a year to build and another [...]

Abdo Bails on Arbor Place, New York Avenue Goes Begging

The invaluable Michael Niebauer reports this morning that developer Jim Abdo is pulling out of a 16-acre, $1.1 billion mixed-use project on New York Avenue NE. The plan was approved as a planned unit development over two years ago, but the financing never came together, and Abdo is finally calling it quits. Instead, he's helping [...]