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For D.C. Planners, Housing’s a Family Affair

Two proposals offer different visions of how to preserve family-size housing.

The D.C. United Stadium May Be More Popular Than Post Poll Shows

The Washington Post headline sounds damning: "Six in 10 oppose Gray's plan for funding D.C. United stadium." A recent poll, the story reports, found that "public opinion is running strongly against one of Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s highest-profile initiatives, financing a new stadium for the D.C. United pro soccer team."
But Gray's top spokesman argues that story's headline and [...]

How the D.C. United Stadium Deal Is Worse Than Nationals Park

The conventional wisdom is that the proposed deal to build a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point—whether you're a true believer or a skeptic—is better than the one that got us Nationals Park. After all, the city paid nearly $700 million to build the baseball stadium, covering nearly all its costs, whereas we'd only be paying [...]

If Only Nationals Park Could Host the Red Sox Every Night

The Capitol Riverfront, ever eager to bring newcomers to its shores, has gotten some boosts recently.  In the last month, Artomatic surely introduced some people to the neighborhood. But 41,517 in one night? Probably not.
No, the attraction in this case was the Boston Red Sox, which lured a record crowd to Nationals Stadium last night, [...]

What’s Going On With Monument Realty and the Southeast Waterfront?

Today's Washington Post includes a front page story that takes a sprawling look at stalled development projects across the region. The authors take particular care to focus in on the jumble of projects by the Southeast Waterfront near Nationals Park:
Perhaps no area is more central to the District's long-term ambitions than the streets around [...]