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Memorials, Seeking Space

We've covered the museums vying for spots as close as they can manage to the National Mall: There's the National Museum of the American People, the National Women's History Museum, and the National Museum of the American Latino, for starters.
But then there are those with smaller ambitions. A handful of passionate foundations just want a [...]

Best Unbuilt Museum Gets Best Aspirational Plan

Close readers will remember that I'm a huge fan of the National Museum of the American People, the coalition of some 136 ethnic groups that wants a pan-immigrant museum at Banneker Overlook, at the southern end of L'Enfant Plaza. Today, they rolled out a conceptual design for the museum by Arlington-based MTFA Architects, and explained [...]

Women: Not Exactly Sure What They Want

The ladies behind the National Womens History Museum have been fighting for 15 years to get an appropriate commemoration of women near the National Mall, and today marked a milestone of sorts: The second introduction of legislation that would authorize the sale of a chunk of land on 11th Street south of Independence Avenue for [...]

Meryl Streep Joins the National Mall Museum Derby

National Mall identity politics just got kicked up a notch. The National Women's History Museum, which the House signed off on last year, threw a gala last Tuesday with none other than Meryl Streep, who's pitching in $2 million for the cause. The leaders of the effort, which got rolling in 1996, have set their [...]