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Guest Disservices

Pershing Park, the little patch of green across Pennsylvania Avenue NW from the Willard Hotel, is a ghostly place. An ice rink used to operate there in the winter, but the pipes have been broken for years, leaving it drained and barren. A domed glass kiosk used to dispense hot dogs and sodas, but it’s now [...]

Will Kenilworth-Parkside Ever Get a New Recreation Center?

Where the rec center once stood.

It's been two years since the old Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center, a bunker-ish but serviceable facility on the lush east bank of the Anacostia River, was demolished. As it came down, plans were ready and funds had been set aside to build a new one—but suddenly, mid-demolition, the National Park [...]

With Restraining Order Denied, Occupy D.C.’s Back to a Looming Sense of Dread

The Occupiers at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza have gone a whole day without being kicked out, as the Park Service had warned might happen as soon as yesterday at noon. It's a horrible feeling of uncertainty, not knowing when—if at all—a police officer might come along and seize your tent as evidence.
As the uneasy [...]

Is the Era of the D.C. Class Photo Over? [UPDATED]

Cherish your class photo, 'cause your kids may not get one.

It's a staple of the middle-school class visit to Washington: A photo of students arrayed on the steps of the Grant Memorial, with the Capitol dome as a backdrop. But now, just like permission for filmmakers to stage shots there and the Trust for the [...]

Mall Fundraising Won’t Benefit Union Square

In this week's column, I went into some depth on one unintended consequence of the Architect of the Capitol's annexation of Union Square, the easternmost chunk of the Mall that contains Grant Statue with views of legislative branch. Turns out there's another one.
As the Post originally reported, the Trust for the National Mall is hosting [...]

Lights, Camera, No Action

Two days before Christmas, President Barack Obama signed a bill to fund the government through October—keeping the U.S. in business along with the District, which would have ground to a halt if the feds had shut down.
A few days later, though, the Washington Post uncovered a nasty surprise for the city. In Division G Section [...]

Union Square Annexation Another Blow to D.C. Film

It's been a District complaint for years now: When a movie is "set in Washington," in all likelihood most of the scenes are actually shot somewhere else, like Toronto, or Charlotte, or Baltimore. There are lots of reasons for that. A big one is the fact that D.C. just doesn't compete in the subsidy game; [...]

The Week That Was

Did anything actually happen in Housing Complex world while everyone was busy recapping the last year and ringing in the next? Not much, but a few stories of note. Herewith, a review.

The Czech company that made D.C.'s first three streetcars has appealed the District's decision to award a contract for the next pair to a [...]

2011 in National Park Service Fail

I don't go looking for this stuff, I swear. It's just that, after I researched the effects of the National Park Service's ownership of so many small chunks of D.C., evidence of the institution's foibles pop up left and right. Since all anyone's doing from now until New Years is rehashing the year that was, [...]

The Washington Canoe Club and National Park Service Inertia

Last night, National Park Service brass and consultants stood in a Washington Harbour office suite to face some of the most crotchety neighbors in the city: All the various constituencies behind the Georgetown waterfront, from the boat clubs to the universities to the people who'd rather see nothing there at all.
Of course, they have a [...]