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Norton Urges Park Service Not to Screw Up Jack’s Boathouse

The controversy over Jack's Boathouse is heating up, and D.C.'s representative in Congress just weighed in.
The National Park Service is seeking to end its longterm relationship with the popular Georgetown boathouse and open up the space to bids for a concession contract, which it hopes to award by the end of next month. Jack's owner [...]

Jack’s Boathouse Owner: Park Service Doesn’t Own Land Where It’s Terminating Lease

The National Park Service is moving quickly to award a new contract for the waterfront space currently occupied by Jack's Boathouse. But Jack's owner Paul Simkin and his attorney think they may have discovered something that could put the process on hold: They assert that the property no longer belongs to NPS.
The 1985 D.C. Council [...]

Park Service to Award Contract for Jack’s Boathouse Space Next Month

The city's spunkiest boathouse could be out of a home as early as next month. This afternoon, the National Park Service officially put out a request for companies to compete for a contract for the Georgetown space that's been occupied by Jack's Boathouse since 1973.
The status of the boathouse was unclear after NPS indicated it [...]

Jack’s Boathouse Space Will Be Open to Bidders

Another day, another Jack's Boathouse update. (Hey, there's not much else going on over the holidays.) Last week came the news that the Georgetown institution was getting the boot from the National Park Service. Yesterday, I added word from NPS that the boathouse would move from a lease to a concession, either going directly to [...]

Still Not Much Clarity on Jack’s Boathouse

First, Jack's Boathouse was closing, then it wasn't—maybe. After speaking with Jack's owner Paul Simkin and a National Park Service spokesman, I can say that NPS' intentions are about as clear as the waters of the Potomac.
Simkin says he had three rounds of correspondence with NPS: the initial termination of his lease; an NPS statement [...]

Jack’s Boathouse, Dead or Alive (Depending on When You Ask)

The Georgetowner had the sad news last week: The National Park Service was kicking Jack's Boathouse out of its 67-year perch on the Potomac River. The letter from the Park Service informed Jack's owner Paul Simkin that NPS was terminating the boathouse's month-to-month lease, which had been in NPS' hands since the Georgetown waterfront property [...]

National Park Service Spokesman Reportedly Dead by Suicide

WTOP's Mark Segraves is reporting on Twitter that longtime National Park Service Public Information Officer Bill Line was found dead in his home yesterday of an apparent suicide.
I just talked to an MPD spokesman who could not confirm that Line was the victim but told me: "On the 7th at about 8:42 we received a [...]

Guest Disservices

Pershing Park, the little patch of green across Pennsylvania Avenue NW from the Willard Hotel, is a ghostly place. An ice rink used to operate there in the winter, but the pipes have been broken for years, leaving it drained and barren. A domed glass kiosk used to dispense hot dogs and sodas, but it’s now [...]

Will Kenilworth-Parkside Ever Get a New Recreation Center?

Where the rec center once stood.

It's been two years since the old Kenilworth-Parkside Recreation Center, a bunker-ish but serviceable facility on the lush east bank of the Anacostia River, was demolished. As it came down, plans were ready and funds had been set aside to build a new one—but suddenly, mid-demolition, the National Park [...]

With Restraining Order Denied, Occupy D.C.’s Back to a Looming Sense of Dread

The Occupiers at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza have gone a whole day without being kicked out, as the Park Service had warned might happen as soon as yesterday at noon. It's a horrible feeling of uncertainty, not knowing when—if at all—a police officer might come along and seize your tent as evidence.
As the uneasy [...]