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D.C. Has Lots of Vacant Land, With an Asterisk

Two-thirds of it is owned by the feds.

Park Service’s New D.C. Boss Aims to Make Urban Parks Work

"There’s plenty of examples in the past when we’ve said, 'No, you can’t do things.'"

The Power Ranger: Meet the Park Service Bureaucrat With Veto Power Over D.C.’s Future

Technically, D.C. has had home rule for 41 years. In practice, the federal government still has all kinds of checks on D.C. autonomy. Congress, of course, holds the most power over District affairs, with the District of Columbia Home Rule Act of 1973 stipulating, “the Congress of the United States reserves the right, at any time, [...]

Canal Plus: Could a Spiffier Waterway Help Georgetown Attract Retail?

Don’t tell Josh Hermias there’s nothing new happening in Georgetown. The neighborhood may feel established, the economic development director of the Georgetown Business Improvement District says, but it’s experiencing its own boom along with the rest of the city. To wit: There are 21 residential units currently under construction in the neighborhood.
Of course, Hermias lays [...]

The Future of Franklin Park, in Four Design Concepts

Yesterday afternoon, four men planted their feet, lowered their center of gravity, and heaved their collective weight into a van stuck in the mud in the middle of Franklin Park. The men were employees of the National Park Service, which manages the bulk of D.C.'s green space, including the downtown square that's fallen into a [...]

Take Back the Capital

Of the District’s acts of defiance during the first week of federal government shutdown, one stood out for its seemingly undefiant nature. Given that the National Park Service was ceasing most of its operations in D.C. while Congress wasn’t funding it, Mayor Vince Gray announced, the city would start picking up trash at Park Service–controlled [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton to Park Service: Give Us More Frisbee Space!

This spring, ultimate frisbee players in D.C. got in a huff over some trees that got planted in the Ellipse behind the White House, encroaching on their recreational frisbee grounds. They wrote a letter to First Lady Michelle Obama, who didn't respond to them directly—but Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton got some answers. She learned that the National [...]

Emails Reveal Park Service’s Hurry to Replace Jack’s Boathouse

Jack's Boathouse is dead and gone, and its protracted battle with the National Park Service is now water under the Key Bridge. But Freedom of Information Act requests can take longer than a lifetime, and the FOIA I submitted when I was reporting on the Jack's saga came back to me after the boathouse's demise. [...]

Park Service Picks New Jack’s Boathouse Operator

The National Park Service has selected a new operator for the Georgetown waterfront boating space currently run by Jack's Boathouse.
According to a press release from NPS, the chosen operator is B&G Outdoor Recreation, Inc., also known as Boating in Boston, headquartered in Hopkinton, Mass., which "operates six kayak, canoe, pedal boat and rowboat rental locations [...]

Jack’s Boathouse Takes Park Service, D.C. to Court

The lawyer for Georgetown waterfront institution Jack's Boathouse has just filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking a ruling against and injunctive relief from eviction efforts by the National Park Service, as well as damages.
The complaint, on behalf of Jack's Canoes and Kayaks LLC, names as defendants NPS, the [...]