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Solar Decathlon Gets Booted From the Mall, National Park Service Applauds

Yesterday, DCist passed along the news that the Solar Decathlon–the competitive annual event showcasing innovations in solar technology–was looking for another site this year, since the Department of Energy and National Park Service had decided that it would negatively impact the long-term health of the National Mall, which has hosted the event in the four [...]

The New Improved National Mall, Brought to You In Part By Coke

Well, not entirely. But when Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar ceremonially signs the final plan for the rehabilitation of the National Mall tomorrow afternoon, he will stand beside two people: Chip Akridge, local real estate mogul and chairman of the Trust for the National Mall, and Steve Callihane, president of Coca-Cola refreshments. Why does [...]

Jon Stewart Endorsement Worth At Least $100K

Since becoming the Rally to Restore Sanity's official charity three weeks ago, the Trust for the National Mall has raked in $106,986.50 from rally-goers. It's not a whole lot for an organization with the fundraising firepower to pull down three times that in one night, but a tidy sum nonetheless–especially for not doing anything. The [...]

Give That Man a Role on The Daily Show

At this point, it's perplexing to see how National Park Service spokesman Bill Line still has a job. He hasn't talked to me since refusing to provide a map I wanted for this story—except for leaving the longest phone message I have ever received to yell about about the "bias" in this other story (the NPS is [...]

The Younglings Who Would Save the Mall

The National Mall is a matter for serious people. It's the repository of our cultural heritage, for Pete's sake. And as we hear quite often these days, it's in terrible shape.
So a couple of years ago, to help bankroll its rehab, a collection of serious people started the Trust for the National Mall—people like diversified [...]

UVA Students Imagine the Mall

At the American Society of Landscape Architects conference over the weekend, I sat in on a session about the National Mall, which is the subject of much hand-wringing and study–terms like a "crisis of visitation" were thrown around, as if the Mall were about to be hit by an asteroid. But the issues are large: [...]

Contrast on Constitution: More Like the U.S. Institute of Peace, Please

It's been exciting to watch the U.S. Institute of Peace headquarters take shape on 23rd Street and Constitution Avenue. The Moshe Safdie-designed building is a striking addition to this avenue of monolothic marble structures: Its soaring openness is uplifting just to look at, in contrast to the the forbidding, fortress-like presentation of most museums and [...]

In Search of a Livable Mall

The National Mall is in terrible shape (it's not the only one). If you don't believe me, watch this video from the Trust for the National Mall, which comes complete with sad music as it pans over cracked steps and parched plantings.
Fortunately, though, a comprehensive plan for updating the giant park is working its way [...]

Second-Annual Bash for the Mall Nets $350K

I'm behind the celeb sites on this one, but since it does have to do with some special real estate: The L'Enfant Society's Ball on the Mall Saturday night brought in $350,000 Saturday night for the restoration of America's front yard. Seven hundred party-goers paid up to $325 to attend the affair, which was also [...]

Coca Cola Donates $500,000 for Recycling on America’s Front Lawn

More good news for the National Mall, our nation's front yard! Or if you're feeling less romantic: Our city's most centrally located dust generator!
According to the Washington Business Journal, Coca-Cola is donating $500,000 for "a sustainable and long-term recycling program on the National Mall."