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Norton Aims to Explore Parking Under Mall; Congress Isn’t Interested

On April Fools Day weekend, the Washington Post ran an editorial promoting "a pretty sensible idea": building a giant garage under the National Mall. The proposal, it turned out, was not made in jest—and one influential Washingtonian is taking it very seriously.
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced an amendment to a bill last night in the House Rules [...]

Parking Under the Mall: Not an April Fool’s Joke, But It Should Be

This weekend, The Washington Post ran an editorial in support of what it called "a pretty sensible idea": building a giant parking garage under the National Mall. The concept comes from the "energetic and civic-minded nonprofit" National Coalition to Save the Mall and envisions a facility stretching from 9th Street to 12th Street NW and [...]

A Reminder of the Truly Bygone Eras in D.C.

Washingtonians have a habit of fetishizing The Way Things Used To Be. But our romantic nostalgia tends to extend back only a generation or two, and overlooks the fact that the Washington on which we look back fondly was itself a radical departure from earlier times. Much of what seems to have been around forever [...]

Building Museum Curator: National Mall Plans are “Timid”

A 1901 plan for the Washington Monument grounds. (Commission on Fine Arts)

National Building Museum senior vice president G. Martin Moeller Jr. knows the full scope of dreams that have been dreamt about the nation's capitol—after all, he put together a whole exhibit about the ones that didn't work out.* In comparison, the National Park Service's grand [...]

Mall Fundraising Won’t Benefit Union Square

In this week's column, I went into some depth on one unintended consequence of the Architect of the Capitol's annexation of Union Square, the easternmost chunk of the Mall that contains Grant Statue with views of legislative branch. Turns out there's another one.
As the Post originally reported, the Trust for the National Mall is hosting [...]

The Never Ending Tourmobile

There’s something comfortingly nostalgic about the blue and white tour buses that trundle around the National Mall—low to the ground, license-plate-free—every day except the Fourth of July and Christmas. The Tourmobile’s old school-bus-style bench seats, the retro font, and the festive patter of tour narrators as they herald each upcoming attraction call to mind a [...]

Report: Solar Decathlon Skips the District, Moves to National Harbor [UPDATE]

UPDATE, 11:00 a.m. – Decathlete spokeswoman Elisabeth Neigert called to clarify: Contra the E&E article, she hasn't actually heard that National Harbor is more likely than any of the other proposed alternatives (which include RFK stadium). Given that the Department of Energy isn't confirming or denying anything, and that Neigert and E&E seem to have [...]

Solar Decathlon Replaced by National Book Festival

If there was a way to make the solar decathletes booted off the National Mall even more angry than they already were, the National Park Service might have done it, by issuing permits to the National Book Festival to expand from one day to two–on the first weekend that the Solar Decathlon was supposed to [...]

Ousted Solar Decathletes Amp Up Pressure to Stay on the Mall

Bumped from the Nation's front yard, the teams competing in 2011's Solar Decathlon aren't leaving quietly.
Besides a petition drive that's now gathered over 6,000 signatures, there's now an organized campaign to get public officials to pressure–or force–the Departments of Energy and the Interior to reverse their decision to move the event in the interest of [...]

Latest Would-be Mall Occupant Wants to Win The Future

The number of prospective museums and memorials angling for space on or near the National Mall probably outnumbers the total number that exist already. The latest to come across Housing Complex's radar screen, though, just wants to put a dormant existing building back to work: The Smithsonian Institution's 130-year-old Arts and Industries Building, which has [...]