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National Leadership Campus: Insurance Philanthropist Peter Lewis’s Grand Development Concept

Passive Progressive: Insurance philanthropist has a grand development concept but no plans
Developers hungry to land Hine Junior High, one of D.C.’s most prime now-closed schools, faced a packed audience of Capitol Hillers last week. They filled the seats and lined the walls of Tyler Elementary School’s auditorium to see the song-and-dance otherwise known as proposals-and-drawings.
Three [...]

Hine School Plan 2: The Plan Without a Plan

Last night, four developers—finalists whittled down from a group of ten—presented plans for projects on the site of Hine Junior High School, down the street from Eastern Market.
The Plan Without a Plan (Presentation PDF):
National Leadership Campus/Western Development Group

"We're not developers, and we don't have architectural plans," announced Paul Yandura, representing National Leadership Campus.
Instead, Yandura offered [...]