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There Goes the Gayborhood: Gay real estate isn’t just about Dupont Circle anymore.

Evan Johnson, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, has two business cards. One, a conventional rectangle, simply says “Evan Johnson Realty Group.” The other is fancier, with two curved corners. It reads: “Evan Johnson, Realtor,” with “” on the back.
The ambiguous slogan on the sexually neutral card—“Bold Company, Straightforward Real Estate”—might say more about [...]

Things You May Not Have Known About Realtors, Continued

A couple weeks ago, we discussed how real estate agents are restricted in what they can tell clients about the character of a neighborhood by the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which was enacted to combat discrimination in all parts of the housing industry. Nearly all the realtors I spoke with about a story on [...]

Home Coming Out: Navigating Craigslist Can be Tricky for GLBT People

Amelie Hopkins outside her new Adams Morgan home
When Amelie Hopkins started searching for a new group house on Craigslist, she’d look for different “coding” in the advertisements.
“Progressive” and “communal” and “Bravo”—as in the television network known for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy—she took as good signals.
“We like to watch lots of ESPN” gave her [...]

To the Asshole Who Rejected My Rental Application…

A while back, I applied with a friend to rent a little three-bedroom row house in the U Street area. The open house was busy. We knew there would be be other contenders vying for the house. But ultimately, most of the people in the room looked just like us: Single, twenty-somethings, but too old [...]