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D.C. Wants to Run More Circulator Bus Lines to More Neighborhoods

More red buses are coming! (Eventually, and at some significant costs per rider.)

There’s Got To Be Some Kind of Message in This

Upon second inspections, it appears that not only have spires fallen from the top of the National Cathedral, but a crack has appeared in the ceiling of Union Station, and the top of the Washington Monument has fractured as well. That means tectonic shifting has damaged icons of American religion, commerce, and government. What is [...]

National Cathedral Gets a Boo Boo

Don't worry. The National Cathedral isn't collapsing.
It is, however, losing a few chunks of rock. According to Dean Sam Lloyd, one of the stone finials on top of the cathedral's central tower fell off—meaning the highest point in Washington just got a little lower—and there's evidence of a couple small cracks in the flying buttresses [...]