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What’s the Holdup at Skyland Town Center?

If you haven't heard Mayor Vince Gray talk about Skyland, the mostly-empty hodgepodge of retailers in a sea of concrete at the intersection of Good Hope Road, Naylor Road, and Alabama Avenue SE in Ward 7, you haven't been paying attention. Redevelopment has been in the works for decades, but slowed by a combination of [...]

Evans: The NCRC Was Wack, Don’t Bring it Back

After I passed on Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning's thoughts about the possibility of bringing back some kind of redevelopment authority yesterday, Mike DeBonis predicted I'd be getting a call from Councilmember Jack Evans. Sure enough, Evans rang today to set the record straight on how the last redevelopment authority died–and warn against establishing [...]

Building Around a Relic: The Shaw Urban Renewal Plan

Building most anything in the District requires many levels of review by commissions, councils, and boards, to comply with regulations imposed by overlays, Acts, and districts. In Shaw, there's even one more more hurdle to clear: The Shaw School Urban Renewal Plan, a document adopted by the National Capital Planning Commission and sanctified by HUD [...]