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When All Else Fails, Convene a Task Force

Planning for the  streetcar has veered a bit off the rails, as neighbors protest the city's planned car barn/training facility on the Spingarn High School campus and the launch of the inaugural H Street-Benning Road line seems destined to be pushed into 2014.
Hoping to get things back on track (sorry, I'll stop, I promise), Mayor [...]

A Lesson to Delinquent District Tax Payers

One in five District owners is delinquent in property taxes, according to city Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi.  This startling stat was revealed last week in an Associated Press story, but the piece didn't get into the nitty gritty of just what happens next.
Well for a cautionary tale, look at Hagerstown, Maryland—the local county government [...]

‘Build it for the Children’ and Other Highlights from the Convention Center Hotel Hearing

The Convention Center Hotel, located at 9th Street and Massachusetts Ave.
"I want you to imagine a District of Columbia without a Verizon Center and a Convention Center," stated Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. "It would probably look like Detroit."
"We are now spending records amounts of money in our school system. We are spending record amounts [...]

Apparently, DC Property Owners Don’t Pay Their Taxes Anymore…

Property taxes! They just don't save city budgets like they used to.
The AP has a story out today about the District's $340 million two-year budget shortfall. One of the main culprits is undelivered property taxes—or as the city's Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi said:
Much of the latest shortfall comes from a $123 million [...]