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Here’s Where Home Prices Have Increased the Most in D.C.

Up, up, and away go housing prices.

District Moves to Expand Affordable Housing With Sustainability in Mind

“We have a moral responsibility to serve the folks that need this kind of healthy and efficient housing, to make it happen."

With Museum Plans Scrapped, New Franklin School Effort Draws Five Suitors

There aren't many big names among them.

In Bowser’s Budget, a Needed Boost to Homeless Services

Homeless services get a $13 million boost in the mayor's proposal.

Bowser Pledges to Send Streetcar to Ward 7 and Georgetown

The mayor didn't commit to a further expansion of the system.

It’s March Madness for Development, as Bowser Announces New Projects

Which development contract will be eliminated next?

Bowser Keeps School-Boundary Changes Mostly Intact, With Two Tweaks

One change could kick the can down the road until the next boundary review.

Director of Nixed Museum: Bowser Invented Financial Concerns as an “Excuse” to Get Him Out

Dani Levinas of the Institute for Contemporary Expression says the Bowser administration had no knowledge of his museum's finances.

Museum Plan Posed Unacceptable Financial Risk, Says Bowser Spokesman

One critic says Bowser's decision came from greed; her spokesman says it's risk aversion.

Bowser Admin Scraps Downtown Museum Plans

So long, Institute for Contemporary Expression. Hello, ???.