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An Old Misdemeanor Kept Maurice Alexander From Accessing Housing

He wound up homeless, all because of an old "attempted threat" charge.

Police Plan to Issue More Jaywalking Tickets They Can’t Enforce

A police officer at 14th and K streets NW handed my colleague a flyer yesterday that could save her life. At least that was the idea. The flyer promotes D.C.'s Toward Zero Deaths campaign, aimed at the ambitious goal of eliminating all traffic deaths in the city.
According to the flyer, "Metropolitan Police are stepping up [...]

How to Lock Down a Neighborhood

The shots that rang out at the Navy Yard around 8:15 on Monday morning and sent workers running for cover also sent another group scrambling: the law enforcement officers and city officials who had to determine very quickly where it was safe for people to be. Operating in a haze of confusion and misinformation, the [...]