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Gold Leaf Studio May Die, But Its Building Lives On

Last week, Ryan Little eulogized Gold Leaf Studio, the artists collective at 443 I Street NW that will be booted at the end of the month to make room for a 162-unit apartment building. As it happens, there's an ironic real estate twist to the story: The warehouse, which is protected as part of the [...]

Where to Put the Jobs?

Matt Yglesias responds to David Alpert's analysis of the Gray transition's weirdly non-transit-oriented economic development report by saying that we can't start thinking about how to move people in and out of the city until there's more space for them to work:
Downtown DC is full. There’s basically no land left to build on, and [...]

Stinky Safeway Getting Renovated, And Other News From the Golden Age of Grocery Stores

Jonathan O'Connell reports this morning that Lowe Enterprises, which brought the Sexy Safeway to Mount Vernon Square along with an almost sold-out condo and apartment complex, is hoping to do the same with the long-neglected Stinky Safeway at 3830 Georgia Avenue. If it's as well-designed as CityVista, the planned 210 housing units and new [...]

In 11 Years, D.C. Has Developed 96 Downtown Surface Lots/Development Sites

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The Downtown BID just released some stats from its "State of Downtown Report," which will be available in its entirety tomorrow. Among the interesting findings:
From 1997 through 2008, $9.5 billion was invested in Downtown BID area development, reducing the number of surface parking lots and development sites from 115 in 1997 to just [...]

Most Congested Arteries in the Washington Area

A new report out today names the top ten congested "chokepoints" in the region. Not surprisingly, a few of them are major arteries in the city, including the number one spot: The I-395 entrance around 4th Street in the Mount Vernon Square area. The report was released by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. 

How Much Does a Square Foot Cost in Adams Morgan, Penn Quarter, Etc.?

For my story this week, I briefly chatted with William Rich, Vice President of real estate research firm Delta Associates, based in Alexandria. We discussed the price-per-square-foot of condos in some of the District's hottest neighborhoods. Since most of the information didn't make it in the piece, I thought I'd share here*:
City Average:$510
Adams Morgan/U [...]

The New Gayborhoods?

So, Metro Weekly's latest issue has a cover story entitled Where We Live, on three communities with, uh, some gay people. I wanted to insert "vibrant gay communities," or "sizable gay populations" toward the end of that sentence. But, that wouldn't be entirely accurate. The article merely touches on the areas' growing gay identities, which, [...]

Mount Vernon Square’s Pretty Nice Actually

Until recently—like, say, late afternoon on Saturday—I had a distinct picture of Mount Vernon Square in my mind. The neighborhood conjured up images of empty and/or depreciating condos, parking lots, a porn shop with peep show booths, and one Cary Silverman, former Ward 2 city councilmember candidate, on a megaphone protesting with his fellow citizens [...]