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Six Years Later, Residents Return to Fire-Ravaged Mount Pleasant Building

Of the 63 affordable units, 38 will be occupied by households from the old Deauville building.

Zone Defense

It took just 20 minutes from the time Mayor Vince Gray announced his planned overhaul of the city’s public school assignment system last Thursday for the boos to start raining down on the DC Urban Moms and Dads online discussion forum. “Well, that sucks,” was the first reaction, from a Crestwood resident posting anonymously. “Just [...]

Mount Pleasant’s Burnt-Out Apartment Building Inches Closer to Restoration

Newer residents of Mount Pleasant know the two-dimensional facade of the burnt-out Deauville Apartments at 3145 Mount Pleasant St. NW only as a neighborhood landmark, a slightly eerie but defining element of the streetscape. But longtime Mount Pleasanters remember when it used to house actual people, 200 of them. Soon it'll return to productive use [...]

Home Is Where the Hardware Store Is

Last Saturday was a banner day for Anne Stom. She’d worked for a year and a half, borrowing money against her Newton Street house and bringing in 20 small investors to cobble together the $750,000 it took to start an 18,000-item hardware store in an old auto body shop on Upshur Street. She’d practically lived [...]

A White-Knuckled Way Forward for Mt. Pleasant Mansion

A few months ago, Grant Epstein from Community Three Development had to walk away from a planned renovation at a beautiful old Victorian in Ledroit Park because of neighborhood opposition and skepticism from the Historic Preservation Review Board about the scale of the addition. Urbanturf reported in October that he had found a new nerve-wracking [...]

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance Vanquishes Haydee’s Nightclub License

Back in the 1990s, Haydee's in Mount Pleasant replaced Cafe Bloom, a jazz venue that failed without the upscale, late-night clientele it had tried to attract. Then, the Salvadoran eatery was a "clean and simple family restaurant" that just gave neighborhood families an easy food option besides ordering pizza.
More recently, owner Haydee Vanegas has been [...]

Despite Protests, Mt. Pleasant Library Finally Gets Building Permits, Will Start Construction “Very Soon”

After being closed for over four months, the District of Columbia Public Libraries announced on Monday that they've finally secured building permits for the renovation of the historic Mount Pleasant Library, and are shooting to open in fall of 2011. Meanwhile, as you can see at right, the demolition of the historic sun room on [...]

Goodbye Deauville, Hello Monsignor Oscar Romero Apartments

For two years since the Deauville Apartments at 3145 Mount Pleasant Street burned down in a fire-alarm blaze, the former residents have met every other Saturday afternoon with pro-bono lawyers to figure out how they were to return. This last Saturday, though, they gathered to celebrate: The Council had finally approved a $4.137 million, 43-year [...]

Mount Pleasant’s Main Drag: The cute neighborhood with the dingy main street goes to war over a plan. Again.

Mount Pleasant has had a hard time coming into its own. Neighboring Columbia Heights has bloomed with new investment. But in Mount Pleasant, long the more upscale of the two neighborhoods, empty storefronts dot the commercial strip. Still scarred by the Deauville apartment fire of 2008, Mount Pleasant Street NW can look downright dingy.
Cash, in [...]

ANC Commissioners May Kibosh Free Money for Mt. Pleasant

A long-running feud between Mt. Pleasant Main Streets and the leadership of ANC 1D burst into the open yesterday, when MPMS President Adam Hoey raised the alarm: The ANC could cause Main Streets to lose a $242,000 grant for streetscape improvements like better lighting, new trees, tables, benches, and crosswalks—many of the things recommended by [...]