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How Irresponsible is the City’s Loan Program?

The Post's Debbie Cenziper just dropped the latest installment of her investigative series on the nation's subsidized housing foibles, with a particular focus on the District. This one zooms in on D.C.'s Home Purchase Assistance Program, which provides five-year loans with really low interest rates to bring homes within mostly first-time homebuyers' reach. Just like [...]

Graph of the Day: D.C. Foreclosure Fears Tick Down Again

After a long decline last year, the number of delinquent mortgages in the District had started to trend upwards in the first few months of this year. But in March, according to the latest report from NeighborhoodInfoDC, the number dropped again, putting the kibosh for the moment on a possible repeat foreclosure rash. D.C.'s still [...]

When You Have to Pay Money to Get Rid of Your Home

One of the consequences of the housing crisis has been a spike in the number of homeowners with underwater mortgages: Those whose home values have decreased to a number less than what they still owe on the house. With an underwater mortgage, when it comes time to sell your home, you actually have to pay [...]

Bad Credit? No Down Payment? NACA Will Still Help You Buy a Home

Susan and Russell Harris stopped looking for a house roughly a year ago. After two failed deals, they threw their hands up, sick of working with untrustworthy lenders.
"There were things that just blatantly weren't right," says Susan Harris. Lenders, she says, asked them to lie about their incomes and, partway through the deal, would raise [...]