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Report: District Homeowners Pay Lowest Property Taxes in Immediate Area

The taxman isn't always so bad.

Local Governments Partner With D.C. Tech Incubator to Make Cities Smarter

Montgomery and Arlington counties are partnering with 1776 to connect with local startups.

Do We Really Need a Regional Economic Plan?

There's been a drumbeat of concern from the regional fathers over the need to think more regionally. Regional transportation, regional housing, regional jobs. Forget you belong to a state or city, even. Just think of yourselves as citizens of the Greater Washington megalopolis.
That makes sense, to a large extent. Urban areas are starting to agglomerate [...]

Why Aren’t Homeowners Getting Booted by the Purple Line Raising Hell?

Hard to see, but those little red boxes are houses that'll disappear. (MTA)

Last week, the news broke that many more properties than anticipated would have to be taken to make way for the Maryland Transit Administration's* Purple Line from New Carrollton to Bethesda—330, to be exact. It's no wonder: Looking closely at segments of the line, [...]

MoCo Laps District on Walmart Community Benefits Agreements

September 23: Walmart announces it'll be putting a 118,000-square-foot store in Aspen Hill, Maryland. October 11: Montgomery County Council president Valerie Ervin introduces legislation that would require all stores larger than 75,000 square feet to at least try to negotiate community benefits agreements with three nearby community associations, or face delays in opening. Ba da [...]

MoCo. Promotes Smart Growth, No-Car-Necessary Development Policy

A few weeks back, I blogged about car-free visions taking over suburbia: reduced parking requirements in Tyson's Corner; Parking meters that could suddenly be adjusted up to exorbitant rates in Arlington and D.C. to discourage driving in the area. And today,  the Washington Post reports on the latest move that  smart growth proponents are likely [...]

So Forget that “Kate Gosselin Buys Rockville Condo” Story

It always seemed like an oddball story. On Wednesday, RadarOnline reported a Kate Gosselin "EXCLUSIVE:" The mother of eight was moving to Rockville Maryland. 
She and Jon are each taking turns parenting in their Pennsylvania home. But the "Jon & Kate, Plus Eight” star is apparently not moving to a D.C. suburb on her days off.
It's not [...]

New MoCo Rule: You Can’t Live With Your 15 Closest Friends Anymore

Earlier this week, I wrote about how couch-crashers, happily married couples, and adults living in their parents' basements were harming America's housing market.
What about the less PC example of groups of illegal immigrants packing into single family homes? 
My original post was about how Americans aren't starting new "households," meaning they're not buying or occupying new homes. 
In Montgomery [...]

Is DC-Area Real Estate Inventory Dropping?

One key indicator of the real estate market's health and competitiveness is inventory, aka the number of houses on the market.
Where it's dropping, a real estate turnaround seems more likely. Where it's staying stable or growing, people won't be hailing the end of the recession.
On that note, I recently received this e-mail from an agent [...]