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A Man, a Plan, a Canard: Panacea

Our departing Housing Complex reporter shares his not-so-modest proposals for a better D.C.

Behold: Renderings of the New MLK Library

They're a far cry from the library's current sorry state.

Library Board Endorses MLK Design Without Three-Story Addition

The more radical design isn't quite dead, but it may not have much life left.

MLK Library Will Need Twice as Much Space as Expected

The New MLK was going to occupy about half of its building. Then the public weighed in.

Renderings Show a Sleeker, More Engaging MLK Library

D.C.'s central library is set for an upgrade. And now we're starting to get a sense of what it might look like.
Today D.C. Public Library released preliminary design renderings of the post-renovation version of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. The 1972 library, designed by famed modernist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is in need [...]

MLK Library Will Be Redesigned by Mecanoo and Martinez+Johnson Architecture

Downtown's Martin Luther King, Jr. Library will be redesigned by the architectural firms Mecanoo and Martinez+Johnson Architecture, Mayor Vince Gray announced this morning—a project that will install a diagonal addition and public gardens atop the controversial (or, depending on your aesthetic leanings, iconic) Mies van der Rohe-designed building. Aaron Wiener, returning from vacation, will have a take on the announcement later [...]

Here’s How the Redesigned Martin Luther King Jr. Library Could Look

The D.C. Public Library released proposals Friday by the three teams officials selected in December to present ideas for redesigning the system's flagship downtown Martin Luther King Jr. Library—but exactly how involved the renovations would be is still unknown.
All three groups—Mecanoo/Martinez + Johnson Architecture; Patkau Architects/Ayers Saint Gross with Krueck + Sexton; and STUDIOS Architecture/The Freelon [...]

Ten Architect Firms Short-Listed for MLK Library Overhaul

The D.C. Public Library has selected 10 architect firms to move on to the next stage in the process to choose a design for the renovation of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.
The District's central library is 41 years old and in need of a facelift. Its redevelopment poses challenges for any would-be architect [...]

Why D.C. Needs to Do Something With Its Archives

When scanning through the capital budget the other week, I noticed a curious line item: Half a million bucks for a "state of the art" facility to hold the District's archives. What's wrong with the current facility, exactly? And don't we have enough places that want to serve as repositories for D.C.'s historical artifacts?
At the [...]

What the District’s Building in the Next Six Years

Peanuts for the Central Library.

I'm still digesting the $6 billion, no-new-taxes budget that Mayor Vince Gray dropped on Friday. The first headline grabbers were attempts to raise revenue: Extended hours for alcohol sales, new automatic speeding cameras, a centralized system to make sure you've paid your taxes and fines, and more performance parking. Then [...]