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School House Rock: Is Michelle Rhee becoming a force in D.C. real estate?

It’s a pretty commonly accepted principle in the real estate business: You buy as much house as you can afford. And then, unless you’re wealthy enough to support tens of thousands of dollars a year on your child’s education before they even fill out a college application, you buy the best school district you can [...]

The Most Powerful Person in D.C. Real Estate

It's not my beat, but I hear that schools chancellor Michelle Rhee is a big deal in this here mayoral race. Here's how she ties in to real estate, though: It's a pretty widely-acknowledged principle that good schools are a huge factor in local property values. Until recently, that didn't hold so much in D.C., [...]

Vince Gray: No Construction on Bruce Monroe School Until 2018

Ever since Bruce Monroe Elementary School was demolished a few weeks ago–and long before that, really–a group of local parents has kept up a steady drumbeat of protest over the ever-receding deadline for its reconstruction. The last we heard, $20 million remained in the FY 2011 budget. But at a City Council budget hearing on [...]

DCPS Taking Sophisticated Approach to School Re-Designs

Over the years, DC public schools have become condos, luxury gyms,  police substations and city government office headquarters. Just last June, Michelle Rhee had another 23 schools closed.
But it's good to know that all these business-owners, developers, and city government reps aren't the only ones pouring money into school buildings—DCPS seems to be making [...]

Budget Sliced for Office Evaluating School Construction, Reuse of Schools

This morning's Washington Post includes a story about the council mark-up on the mayor's budget. Deputy mayor for education Victor Reinoso is getting hit the hardest—84 percent of his budget is being cut, taking it from $4 million to $778,000. 
[Council Chair Vincent] Gray has long been unhappy with Reinoso, whose portfolio includes oversight of the [...]