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Houses of the Lord: The biggest producer of new affordable housing in D.C.? God.

Walking into the Temple of Praise near the end of a service is like lifting the lid of a tea kettle: The energy inside the Southern Avenue SE church is so intense, with worshipers dancing and wailing and fainting in the aisles, that it seems like it could boil over at any minute. Even when [...]

A Tale of Two City Councils

Last Thursday, the New York City Council held a hearing on Walmart's attempt to enter the market (it had to be rescheduled from December because a bigger room was needed). Walmart itself declined to show up, leaving a parade of anti-Walmart speeches to go largely unanswered. Council Chair Christine Quinn, an outspoken critic of the [...]

Tent City on a Hill: What Will the Fight for Parcel 42 Achieve?

There’s no mercy from the midday sun on the empty lot at 7th and R Streets in Shaw, and the fierce rain just sinks through the rocky soil. At this point, though, the elements aren’t the worst thing the people who’ve set up a tent city there over the last week will have to face. [...]

Refusing Fenty’s Nominees, Council Instead Allows Rental Housing Commission to Function With Quorum of One

Since early this year, the Rental Housing Commission, the appellate panel charged with enforcing the Rental Housing Act of 1985, has been essentially defunct. The terms of its three members expired on January 17th, and one staff member has been logging cases as they are appealed from the Office of Administrative Hearings, with no action [...]

How Long Should Affordable Housing Have to Stay That Way? The City Council Takes Another Look.

When the District creates a unit of affordable housing, it usually has some length of time—or even indefinite time—over which it can’t be sold for much more than the original purchase price. The idea is simple: Once someone is done with a unit she bought with a public subsidy, someone else should be able to [...]

Buyer’s Remorse: A D.C. law helped tenants become owners. But it didn’t fix the sink.

From the outside, the humble brick three story at 1333 Peabody Street NW looks like most other aging apartment buildings in Brightwood. A number of the ancient single-pane windows are cracked. Inside, carpets are musty, paint is bubbling, and fixtures are coming loose.
“The kitchen areas, the bathroom areas, are urgent,” says resident Robert Adejayan, ticking [...]

When Do D.C. Meter Maids Look the Other Way?

The natural answer to the above question is "never." Meter maids in D.C. never ever, ever, ever, ever miss the opportunity to slap you with a $30 ticket and a why-does-this-shit-always-happen-to-me-?-attitude  for the rest of the afternoon.
But that response is actually wrong. Sometimes, the ticketing officers relent, and it looks like they may be doing [...]