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UDC: The Outtakes

Celebrating a pretty plaza.

I've got a cover story this week on the travails of the University of the District of Columbia, which is looking at some massive downsizing in the near future. As usual, not everything fit in the print version, so here are some excessed thoughts:

The question that occurred to me when [...]

Pols Laud Long-Shot Freeway-Topping Trade Center

Three days after bursting into public view, AEPA Architects Engineers P.C. president Alfred Liu's plan for a massive office building over the I-395 freeway may have reached its high point.
Last night was the proposal's formal unveiling: The annual gala dinner of the U.S.-China Capital Cities Friendship Council, which Liu chairs. Held in a chilly room [...]

Michael Brown: Statehood Campaign Not a Front For Reelection

At yesterday's launch of the Statehood D.C. branding campaign, if you'd clicked on the "learn more" button on the new site, you would have been directed to the web page of a single councilmember: Michael A. Brown. It seemed...convenient...that a campaign for self-determination would be so closely identified with a politician who happens to [...]

Will Tenant Purchases Continue?

It's that time of year again: When various interest groups cycle through the Wilson Building to justify their spending priorities, especially if they're being cut in this year's budget. Most of them actually got off okay, given that Mayor Vince Gray decided to raise some taxes (or "revenue enhancements") rather than taking the entire $322 [...]

Wearing Solutions on Your Sleeve, Plus: David Catania’s Greatest Hits

Today is gap-closing day at the Wilson Building, where Councilmembers are grappling with the question of how to find $188 million–the difference between revenues and expenses in the FY 2011 budget. The Fenty administration came up with a few suggestions for how that should happen, but since the Council can basically throw them out the [...]

Warped Area Median Income to Stay Put

Okay, we all know what area median income is, right? For the purposes of this blog, it's the measure by which we set rent levels at affordable housing projects. The area median income for the Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area is a little over $100,000, so if the city works out a deal to build housing [...]

Affordable Housing Advocates to Launch Grassroots, Slam Poetry Campaign

The affordable housing lobby in D.C., feeling slighted by this last budget go-round, is about to double down on its agenda of increasing the amount of funding for transitional, rental, and homeownership assistance in the District.
On July 15th, the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development will kick off its campaign for a “Continuum of [...]

This is What Democracy Looks Like: Woodley Parkers Take Protest of New Mansions to the Top

A few weeks ago, several dozen Woodley Park residents sicced Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh on the subdivision of a corner lot on Garfield Street NW, where the Zuckerman Partners were planning to build two gigantic houses on spec. Since then, they’ve gotten the support of five more councilmembers, who all signed a letter asking [...]