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Real-Time Bus Arrival Info, Coming Soon to a Stop Near You

Put away your phone: The bus shelter will tell you how long you have to wait.

Metrobus: The Least Green Big Bus Network in America?

The Atlantic Cities has a good piece today debunking the fashionably counterintuitive notion that cars are in fact greener than public transit. But buried in there are some figures from a 2009 Federal Transit Administration report that paint D.C. in a not-so-favorable light.
Take a look at this chart from the report:

Of the 10 largest "directly [...]

Gray Is “Unalterably Opposed” to Cutting Bus Service After Rock Incidents

Following a series of incidents in which teenagers threw rocks at buses, Metro said last month it wanted to end night service to two areas of Ward 8 where the rock-throwing had taken place.
Not if Vince Gray has anything to say about it.
Speaking at a press conference following his announcement of a five-year economic development [...]