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Metro Fares Won’t Increase This Year, But Service Cuts Still Possible

Remember the word "substantial."

Ventilation Fans Pulled Smoke Toward Trapped Metro Passengers, Investigation Finds

The NTSB issued its first urgent safety recommendation in the aftermath of the Jan. 12 incident.

Can Metro Ever Get Any Better?

And will it?

NTSB Will Hold June Hearing on Deadly Metro Incident

Anyone hoping for a speedy investigation into the Jan. 12 incident will have to wait until summer, or longer.

Family of Carol Glover Sues Metro for $50 Million

"As a direct and proximate result of Defendant WMATA’s negligence, Ms. Glover was trapped, helpless, in Train 302 for nearly forty-five minutes as it filled with smoke," the lawsuit alleges.

Standoff Between D.C. Fire Department and Metro Escalates With Latest Incident Report

Who's at fault for the communication breakdown during the Jan. 12 Yellow Line incident? Depends who you ask.

Metro Could Face More Than 50 Lawsuits Over Smoke Incident

The lawyer filing the suits used to work for Metro. Now she won't ride it anymore.

Metro Weighs Fare Hikes and Service Cuts

Coming off a deadly accident last week that left some residents wary of riding its trains, Metro is considering moves that could further turn off customers, including fare increases and service reductions.
Among the changes under consideration is a 10-cent hike in Metrorail and Metrobus fares this fall—an unusual move, since Metro generally raises fares every other year, and this year [...]

Metro Rescue Hindered by Poor Radio Communications, Which Fire Officials Had Warned About

Fire officials had warned Metro days before the incident about problems with radio communication.

NTSB Report Sheds Light on Cause of Deadly Metro Incident

Investigators found severe damage to the third rail and electrical cables.